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Just checkin out how's b2 going. Obviously it isn't goin that much cos Michel's been real busy with other work, like PAID work!

I've just been workin on my site layouts today,
they're just temporary cos I'm too lazy to do good ones;

Lazy layout

Babymariah @ 23:06:35 296
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alright michel, the site which had php wap scripts was down. there's still this which is perl.

but all you need to know is how the perl script works, but if you learn wml, it shouldn't be a problem in the php transistion.

go here for wap development and here for sms development.
ian @ 17:25:51 059
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I've been an ass. No changes in the code for days, because paid work had taken all my time. Sorry guys.
First thing to do now is to separate the engine of the blog and the blog itself: right now everything is in the root directory, and that sucks terribly. It'd be more convenient to have the b2 files tidied in a /b2 directory and then the normal template file for the blog in any directory. When that is done, there'll be a first beta release.
Anyway, weither it'll be done by then or not, my personal blog will be powered by b2, from next monday.
michel v @ 12:51:46 869
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i've seen many sms features in news providing services coded in php, so i was wondering if one can actually get notices when the blog is updated through sms.

this would be kinda useful if you had a news blog or something. i'm only contributing ideas because i like helping out.
ian @ 10:38:44 776
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as b2's #1 feature suggestor (tm) and bug reporter (tm), i'm going to report a bug here when using b2.

it was like this. i hadn't logged out yet. but i went back to the b2 homepage and clicked login. and then it says 'wrong password/login'.

for the record, it's on mac internet explorer.
ian @ 14:19:51 930
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i like radio userland YET i like the blogthis feature. it's the coolest thing on earth. what you do is that you access a website you like, you find it cool, then you click on the blogthis button and you blog. wow.
ian @ 14:14:18 926
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we are beta-testing people in a beta-testing world! ; ) )) great job, go on! =)
fiore @ 13:33:20 898
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i waited. and here i am. i'm going to suggest e-mailing in posts because that's what i missed most after dumping radio userland.
ian @ 12:11:39 841
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I think it would be nice if you put a link to the blog at the control panel. You know, kinda like "view the web page" thing at Blogger. Some people (read: me) like to view the web page after posting, just to make sure that it's posted. I held Blogger responsible for this paranoia *grins*
firda @ 04:17:38 512
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Yay, I can login now! : )  From work, that is. With crappy IE4. Looking good, Michel!
firda @ 04:11:47 508
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Comments are working. Now got to code something to delete comments.
michel v @ 00:12:01 341
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As I was quietly eating pasta for lunch, a bunch of code passed through my mind and I coded a comment system.
There's just an annoying bug, MySQL won't store the comments yet, and I've still got to find out why.
michel v @ 20:47:35 199
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Mariah I'm an evil tester !
News from the front: fixed very annoying bugs in Options and settings that mysteriously wouldn't update. Made a little archive system: at the moment it does only monthly archives or post-by-post archives (in which case it looks for each post's title: if it doesn't find one, it puts the ID number of the post).
michel v @ 02:00:51 417
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I really should be revising for my Biology Synoptic tomorrow Michel, and you're evilly keeping me on! Talk to u soon! x
Babymariah @ 00:52:07 369
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Hey, I'm typing on the new and wonderful b2
Babymariah @ 00:48:21 366
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OK, so I fix some bug and a new one comes. I'm on GMT+1 and the server is GMT-5. Posts used to show up as GMT+1, and now they just went back to the server's time. Reason is unknown... (Edit: fixed.)
michel v @ 13:46:21 907
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Just put together this little re-design, hope you like it.
I figured this archive thing, so tonight it might be possible to have archives for months and posts. Weeks are a bit hard to implement, got to find which days were Monday/Sunday etc...
Comment system, along with post-titles, will come right after the archives.
michel v @ 13:40:25 903
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I'm battling with this #@$£ing Options page, to get it to update the options. Damn page wouldn't do it.
Edit: now it does.
michel v @ 22:39:19 277
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Just made the changes I was announcing in the menu at the top. It's now calling a text file with the list of the modules like this: the minimum level required by the module, the URL of the module, and the title of the module. For example: 1 edit.php Post/Edit.

Fixed a bug in the Edit mode that added extra line-breaks when you edited a post with AutoBR set On.

Worked on the Options section.
michel v @ 18:46:38 115
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I can set it so, or make it in the user-preferences. At the moment, new users can't blog until an admin says they can, by upping their level to 1.
michel v @ 13:33:34 898
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Does that mean quite everybody can blog here just by registering? That's a pretty good way to find good bloggers for a great team! ; ) ))
fiore @ 13:27:27 894
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Fixed this bug: when you edit a post, now it doesn't converts html special chars anymore. Ie, & and & can be distinguished (very handy when showing source code).

Also, added a box for AutoBR on a per-post basis.

And now users can choose what to display on the blog: their login, nickname, name, first name, or last name. (here the default is set to "nickname")
michel v @ 12:29:38 853
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Templating's completed for the features already present.
Phew, it was way easier than I thought !
michel v @ 13:52:14 911
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Working on template functions at the moment. Some are working right now, for example to display the post's author and the time, it's:
<b><? the_author($id) ?></b>
@ <? the_time($id) ?>

michel v @ 12:56:54 872
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Today I've worked on search-engine friendly URLs for the archives, but it seems most stuff can be done only with some Apache configuration, something most potential users wouldn't be allowed to do on their servers... Anyway I'm not giving up on this.
Also, some template routines are showing, and that's a big thing to do to make templates customizable by Joe Newbie. I don't want to have these horrible things you can see on GreyMatter...
Tomorrow there might be a zip with a simple template, but it won't be the definitive template.
Some stuff in the Options and the Profile areas have been done but not uploaded yet.

And I'm going to bed ! Phew.
michel v @ 02:41:17 445
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Considering that we're all over the world, it would be awful easy to do that, considering it would be "normal" hours for most of us if we were to do this in shifts. Oh- and I believe it's time for a shameless plug of my own! Heh.
Rog @ 21:59:48 249
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if it's ready you should have the b2 blog entered, then we all could help together, unless that's agains the rules?
Lexi @ 14:26:03 934
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It would be just great if b2 was ready by june 28th, in order to participate to the Blogathon.
Fear not the delay, I must have finished the main codings until then.
michel v @ 05:26:45 560
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I am typing my blog here.

My dog is chewing my shoelaces.

Help me.

I mean it. I need help.
Rog @ 02:53:15 453
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i feel so speshul (i love spellign it like that) for being here michel! fix it up real soon so i can use it ok?
Lexi @ 22:27:01 268
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Made little improvements, started a little fake template system (instead of Blogger-style tags, there'll be short PHP bits to place).
michel v @ 21:17:13 220
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This is exactly what I've been looking for. I'll have to get my site up and running one day so I can use it.
RussellG @ 06:50:21 618
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It is now possible to edit posts and to set your timezone (actually you set the difference between your timezone and your server's, in my case it's +6).
michel v @ 05:06:51 546
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Woo hoo; I can blog in this very first b2 weblog. Yay! Random plug!
Devi Dee @ 20:11:28 174
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If you found yourself registering and logging in, just to see you can't post yet, it's normal: you can't post until an admin raises your "level".
Just so you know, there'll 4 different levels of users: New members who are waiting for an admin to approve them as Posters, who may become Admins thanks to a promotion from the highest Admin. (phew)
And if you've seen how this works and want to cheat with some forged querystring, I'll spare you the effort of it: it's secured so you can't do that. : ) 
michel v @ 19:22:53 140
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So, we got AutoBR working (something that acts like Blogger's function to add a
everytime you type a new line), and deleting functions working.

Now I got to make it possible to edit posts...

michel v @ 18:38:34 110
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Here's a second post to fill up a bit. And a personal plug eheh.
michel v @ 22:42:30 279
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This is the first post.
Edit or delete it, then start blogging ! : ) 
michel v @ 21:40:11 236
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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
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E-mail: m@tidakada.com
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