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Added a page to edit your template (at last !), and/or to edit any file in your directory, provided it's writable by the webserver.
Still need a v0.5 installer/updater all-in-one file.
michel v @ 19:39:46 152
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another much needed feature is the requirement of more than one category of posting, up to three is my recommendation.

i would like to ask you some questions about the blogging ui, so i could contribute to you a ui design for b2, and my room is filled with little stick it ons about good and bad ui. aaaah.

it's absolutely difficult to do a preferences window in realbasic, really, and i can't get it to change to a different server.
ian @ 16:57:15 039
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A much needed feature: added editable table-names. So the next release will make it possible to install multiple b2's in a single database.
michel v @ 00:40:22 361
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b2mac successor's ui.

i'll start work on the new b2mac's ui today because it's almost impossible to do any realbasic project without designing the user interface first.

i'll adopt the eudora (mac, the windows version ui is horrible) ui, which is one of my favourites. and then start coding.
ian @ 09:38:04 734
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I would like to explain why I did not publicly release the seven b2mac versions. I think Michel already knows why, and I would like to repeat it again.

I had infringed on Microsoft's browsing engine. I had the help of a code stripper. I know what I did was WRONG, but I managed not to spread this software around the net to save myself from a lawsuit.

Which is why. Conscience is bearing on me, after slamming M$ for infringing on Apple's to-be-copyright many years ago, I myself am copying code from its source.

For your information, dmoz.org uses RDFs for its search directory, which I find (after examining the structure) pretty useful for b2 if it wants to break into the bigboy weblogging software thing.
ian @ 16:41:56 029
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verbosus was right on that one about linkage. i wonder if michel can create rdf dump files as well. i think i fare pretty well on that one. rdf is basically like a face for a structure. almost like templates, but better.

the ui is also very mac os x-ish. almost, i might add. b2mac 0.7, the final version of b2mac, has been completed. it was a very non-intuitive application. it took after realbasic and photoshop, which both rely on palettes. maybe it was a little too functional, which shouldn't be the case for a one-trick pony.

after this, i will start work on the successor on b2mac, which is based on realbasic (a less powerful coding tool), and will have toolbars like those you see in eudora. anyone who wishes to contribute cool icons may send them my way at gfllfg@mailandnews.com.

any cheesy names for b2mac's successor can be sent here as well. thank you.

Updated: Okay, for the sake of manners in the world, it's Antonio. : ) 
ian @ 16:33:19 023
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Also, I don't know in the distribution file, but in the current site we're using there are no navigation links to the home page, let's say, from a post+comments page. I think some basic navigation links should be hardcoded into b2's engine.
verbosus @ 13:17:35 887
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Why don't we rename the variable "withcomments" to something smaller, since it's being displayed in every URL of the weblog? Something like "c" (for comments) would make the URL much smaller and usable - easier to write, to send through email and so forth...
verbosus @ 13:12:48 883
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Does fulltext support boolean? I think search engines were built for boolean capabilities. I will try it out myself.

Update: i think it does. i tried it. but again, that four word limitation thing is a little too much for the average user to stand.
ian @ 08:30:12 687
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Yup, forgot to mention I added MySQL FullText indexing & searching. And it works: it just doesn't search for words shorter than 4 letters, and will consider any word that appears in each and every entry as a 'stopword', meaning it won't display any result in these 2 cases.
The two kinds of search coexist peacefully in the blog.header file, so no need to choose between one & the other.

Actually the most difficult task for b2 v0.5 will be to make a new ReadMe and some additionnal ReadMe's for installing and templating b2. The original ReadMe is way too long.
michel v @ 18:18:28 096
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fulltext search doesn't seem to be working here, and there's no 'no entries found' page, which shouldn't be. and the search and fulltext searches -- just remember to take out one in the final release.
ian @ 17:30:38 062
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There's a bug in editing. Not really annoying, unless you're on a roll on editing archived posts. The edit function shouldn't redirect to the main b2edit page, but to the archive page.

Update: there WAS a bug. It's fixed now.
michel v @ 12:47:35 866
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New in b2-devel: categories, and a revamped UI. The navbar still looks weird, haven't worked on it yet.
michel v @ 18:59:46 124
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the aqua ui guidelines is available only for certain apple developers. there's a less detailed version at developer.apple.com -- not the one that i use though.

by the way, the modern ui was invented by apple. it's been a custom since system 5.0, anyway, to have variables above pushbuttons. the mac os 8-9 guidelines are also avail at developer.apple.com.
ian @ 16:57:46 040
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Ian can you add a link to Aqua's UI guidelines ? Just so I see what you mean...
michel v @ 19:51:45 160
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Aqua UI violation (again).

I think you should enable autobr by default, though -- and the autobr should be on top of the post comment button: as in b2edit.php.

Again that is a Aqua UI violation.
ian @ 08:56:48 706
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You will flame me if you see the mess I made with autobr and post editing ! Still trying out some workarounds to a bug in PHP replace functions...

Edit: Got the whole AutoBR mess fixed !
Now even (poor Mac user) Ian will experience it. (oh did I say something about Macs ?)
michel v @ 23:19:45 305
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No code update today (shopping in the city), none tomorrow (sister squatting the PC). Your comments are welcome, I'm thinking of a new design for the UI. I want to have categories and fulltext search done before I work on UI, though.
michel v @ 23:44:46 322
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Could I request for the user highlight colour to be a hint darker? On my laptop, there is almost *no* change in tint.

Another thing: something which greymatter has and b2 does not is that greymatter has autobr for COMMENTS. the comments thing in b2 seems to be a little 'neglected'.
ian @ 10:25:16 767
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I wasn't saying i was getting into a war, i just said it was amusing. No heat, alright?

What's so stupid is that people join this blog not to say something intelligent, but to do shameless plugs for their own blogs...

At least make some comments!
ian @ 08:14:20 676
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I'm trying to suggest some corrections to the UI of the admin area, I think it needs some improvements. Let's see what happens in the next release : - ) 
verbosus @ 20:34:55 190
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Let's not get in a war, nobody said users of this blog had to contribute. Most of you have been invited to register, in order to test the script and give your comments.
It doesn't go further than that. Also, opensource doesn't mean every user has to contribute. I know that very few of the 28 users can read PHP, let alone code additionnal modules or ameliorations to the base code. So let's be cool with it : ) 
michel v @ 19:52:32 161
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Dang. Whenever I look at that user list, I am amused. We have 28 users. 28 users, yet none of us 28 users are contributing to this b2 thing, which happens to include a certain person who claims to be doing 'UI for her daily job'.

Maybe opensource isn't your kind of thing. I think michel should adopt a delete user for the user to delete himself from the blog if he's not interested in the blog.

it's sad.
ian @ 18:57:13 123
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Michel, you are forgetting UI principles YET again. Please check my comments on my post about autobr anyway.

Oh yeah. b2 0.4 reads my stuff as 'Post/Edit 3'. What the heck's that supposed to do? : P 

I'm going to persist in that putting the searchbox in the b2header.php file, because repeating the 'search' thing twice in the same place is stupid. or it sounds stupid, at least.

I'll also be considering a total recode of b2mac so that a windows port is easier (on realbasic, because a windows port is two clicks away).

what's so bloody stupid is that realbasic doesn't support importing of cocoa projects! shit!
ian @ 17:06:38 046
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Fixed the most stupid bug in ages: b2 ignored $time_difference because it wasn't set by the b2header file anymore. Ah, the consequences of fusionning files...
By the way, the admin e-mail bug seems to be fixed now.
michel v @ 12:56:31 872
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Another UI-fix in the release: no My Profile section anymore, just click on your login name in the list and there you can edit your profile.

By the way Ian & Mira/Lexi, you don't need to download the new versions for your accounts, I'll be uploading every (stable) code change.
michel v @ 12:35:59 858
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Date&time format bug is now fixed in the v0.4 release.
Ian, check the comments on your posts.
michel v @ 12:08:18 839
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Yet another bug: turn OFF the usage of <br> tags whenever using Auto-BR!!!

when i was cutting and pasting lyrics on b2, the damned thing actually doubled the number of breaks in my post!

for instance if i typed two paragraphs of text, which constitutes two brs between them, autobr makes them four, by putting one br inside every linebreak. so one br becomes two, and two becomes four.

i repeat, when using auto-br, michel, do use a hack to prevent br tags.
ian @ 08:54:16 704
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Another bad habit of b2: on my mac os x box b2 actually displays the time and date properly, but on this mac os 9 box, it is 12 hours slower!
ian @ 08:38:13 693
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b2 looks a little bald on my server. Where are the options? There are none. By the way, the date format thing only writes to the comments part. It's kinda bad.

And another: there's no logout option on my b2 interface. I'll add that on my own, and the 'my profile' should be integrated into the users section, so i can auto check and change my info when i click on my own user in the users list.
ian @ 08:34:01 690
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New Post&Edit UI, new profile popup windows, database changes...

Equal a release !

Go download b2 v0.4. : ) 
michel v @ 22:17:25 262
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wonderful! I absolutely ADORE this new b2 interface! adore! the only thing left is of course, changing of templates from b2, instead of editing the index.php file.
ian @ 17:23:10 057
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Second UI recommendation:

use icons. I know this is kind of strange (and stupid), but it saves space for the 'Blogged!' comment that I'm going to recommend be right next to the post information box.
ian @ 11:36:51 817
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i have one more suggestion. why don't you abolish with the 'b2 control panel > post & edit' thing? to comply with UI guidelines (and simplify the interface), you might as well italicise the section that is being used at the top.

sometimes i find it strange as well. and i still find the search box goes well in the top bar, considering that you can search for posts from anywhere, not just post &amp; edit.

UI lesson brought to you by Apple Computer. : ) 

Updated: I didn't notice the automatic redirection to the Post & Edit section, so I should have mentioned that the 'Blogged!' message should either be next to the 'post information' at the top of every post to indicate who has posted, or at the top bar (which doesn't make much sense).

And bring back the date editing function. : ) 
ian @ 11:33:11 814
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I just realised that 6 of my e-mails (out of 8 )  are from Michel Valdrighi.
ian @ 17:31:16 063
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Tonight I will be beginning a project on what might be the turning point for b2: a brand new UI.

I'm going to base this on the various UI laws to ensure the best user experience. I'm not saying that you should adopt this in future versions, Michel, it's just a suggestion, and it is almost certainly going to be used for the UI for my b2 control panel. : ) 

One of the changes I would absolutely love is the scrapping of the 'team' section: meaning that you incorporate it directly in the post&edit section. The main reason is because the recent posts thing is actually hogging the whole width of the page -- not exactly what i would call 'nice' and 'friendly'.

It'll be in a box next to the recent posts column, and when you click on your own username, you'll be given the option to change your profile. This is in compliance (as always) with one of the most basic UI laws: less clicks, not too much clutter.

If I could have my way I would suggest Blogger-style calendar-based post searching -- which I don't use pretty often, but other users might find it useful.

And then, next to the 'logout' link, i would suggest a search box. this will open a pop-up window with searches for posts. Mind you, this is a suggestion.

Don't remove the top b2bar though, it's wonderful: in fact, one of the advantages b2 holds over greymatter. Blogger looks too Windows-ly, and you're forgetting about the 5% of Mac users on Earth, and that increasing share from new Mac users (and Mac OS X).

Categories are also nice. I'd really like categories, though, it is a kind of filter so your readers can read your posts according to a certain genre -- something that mysql does extremely well, i hear.

Finally, when you click Blog this!, there shouldn't be a redirect page. Instead, you should be redirected immediately to the post&edit page, with red text next to the bold words indicating that your post has been successfully done -- still in compliance with the ui laws.
ian @ 17:29:25 062
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MySQL FullText Search shall be used in b2 v0.5, next week. This kind of search function goes beyond the simple LIKE statements... but will require a database-update script.

Comment, comments: just thought about a template tag for the word "comments", that would take 3 states: 0, 1, or more comments, with an user-defined text for each state.
Besides, even cool weblogs got the "1 comments" flaw, heh ; ) 
michel v @ 23:33:07 314
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One more bug (I happen to be in the mood to report bugs today): if you actually post a comment on my blog and happen to be the only one, then the comment area will say '1 comments'.

That either sounds like an idiot or b2 being too automated.
ian @ 19:08:50 131
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Wow. Heh. Monkey is ready. the b2mac ui is still in a mess thanks to too-quick updates of b2, which is good. Yay.
ian @ 19:01:43 126
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Took 15 files and made them 5 files. Woohoo, much less clutter.
michel v @ 18:59:06 124
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1. Oops, I forgot to type "delete b2install.php after the installation" in the Readme, I agree.
2. The Templates feature will be skipped until it's actually coded.
3. The admin e-mail bug is mysterious...
michel v @ 18:29:22 103
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big security flaw in b2

i had installation problems a few moments ago and i realised that b2install.php is on my monkey.dayzero directory. this can be a great security flaw because it simply overruns all existing settings and posts and makes a new copy of b2. this also means that all accounts are wiped out and the admin user and pass becomes the default.

this is worrying. for those of you who're using b2, please DELETE b2install.php from your ftp server after installation. if you can't remember your password you can upload it back and do a clean reinstallation, or request michel to do this password sending thing. thank you.

alternatively, you can chmod the install.php file to something else (like 755) or request yet another feature on b2: for the install.php file to auto delete itself after installing.

i would request this to be reflected in the b2 readme.
ian @ 17:40:25 069
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Very strange, michel. i haven't checked all the features of b2mac yet because there's no template feature when i worked on it. now i have admin mode on monkey.dayzero, but two things have happened:

1. the admin e-mail address refuses to change to anything else other than michel@dayzero.org. feature?

2. templates not implemented yet -- or an easy way to implement changes to the blog.

i'll hope it'll be fixed when b2 0.4 is out.
ian @ 16:50:54 035
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While dayzero.org was unavailable (: P ), I have been doing my homework as well. Since I am not such a great Unix programmer, and shell scripts are easier to learn, I'm going to help develop a b2 shell script.

It's going to be kinda manual, I think. hmm.
ian @ 12:03:21 835
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While dayzero.org was unavailable, I've been working on a textfile version of b2. It started pretty well, and then I started joining the text & MySQL versions into one, which requires just some modularity in the code. At least that's what I thought, since it's actually a bit harder. Anyway, there WILL be a textfile-based b2.
michel v @ 23:25:07 309
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You should set auto-br for comments. i don't think putting the auto-br checkbox would be required for comments -- i find it perfectly alright.

Edited: b2mac supports autobr for comments. i made it that way. : ) 
ian @ 18:44:23 114
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b2mac update: 3 UI fixes. I managed to get the buttons positioned correctly as instructed by the Aqua UI Guidelines; still can only connect to b2 on this dayzero.org server (it seems to be the only current version of b2 running here).

Some other b2 security fixes resolved as well, which I won't go into further detail...
ian @ 18:41:48 112
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There, no more b2edit.post.php and other extra files, all the edition is now nested in b2edit.php only.
(Edited: there's a new stupid bug in deleting comments, should be fixed tonight)
michel v @ 12:51:25 869
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Very impressive Michel! I like it a lot...
jackd @ 21:34:09 232
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Check the new Post/Edit interface, now with comments' editing function. Also, the search function was incredibly easy to do. You'll see a little search box here in the next hour.
michel v @ 19:02:37 126
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One thing I really like about b2 is that it's darn good to use in lynx, which is what i'm typing in this now. so don't change it -- yet.

I would still like categories, though b2mac supports them (but requires a lot of funny html printing). ah, programming. while i'm at it, i've managed to fix just one of 11 UI errors. Am i done for?
ian @ 17:35:45 066
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Oh in case it wasn't specified, you can code different templates for a single blog, to have different styles, or to cope with different browsers. Here's this b2 test-blog in the original style, and here's a simple style I just coded in a hurry to test the new date & time template tags. These news tags have optional custom time formatting, so you can have different time formats on different templates.
michel v @ 20:01:50 167
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mariah, you don't sound like a unix-y person. wait. am i the only one here or what.

check freshmeat.net. it's an index of projects for the unix distros.
ian @ 09:01:43 709
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Nice Michel, nice.

Btw, I was addin button links to my page and I quickly made a rather basic and crap one for u, so whenever u have time, make a 100 by 35 button so some people can link u dude!

gfllfg ;Smileys aren't for babies! You know I'm also includin the other faces etc. Not a barbie impersonation, and they fare better than your weird 'colon - end bracket' smile, which isn't at all friendly.. What would you define as 'freshmeat'. Do u mean RAW, bloody, uncooked or what?

Good work guys!
Babymariah @ 03:05:02 461
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I'm typing this from lynx. i suppose i can help you with the tarball distros, michel because those freshmeat people live on tars, and it isn't right to give zipped distros to a unix community.

b2 looks great on lynx, and if i know if there's a screenshot utility for unix, i'll get a screen grab of this. : ) 
ian @ 19:07:02 129
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There you go, smileys !
Erm, just kidding, this is just an image I linked. I could still make the smileys into a plug-in, or a hack. It would just require an eregi_replace function while posting.

Tarball... I wish I could. The hard-drive that holds the Linux part of me died a bit before last week. It just makes strange noises... I wonder if there's a way to tarball it on my server via ssh.
michel v @ 18:36:39 108
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b2mac is buggy. i forgot to fix a bug that causes kernel panics, and b2mac has officially ruined the b2 files that i have right now because b2mac is optimised for b2 beta 0.1 only.

certain files like spellcheck aren't automatically setup. however i'm posting from b2mac as i'm typing this. b2mac doesn't automatically send the linebreaks as input to the php (which is a mystery).

i will also turn off spellcheck for b2mac auto setup. something that mac os x users have that you windows users don't. i think next on line is b2unix so you can run it from the terminal. far better than b2mac. b2unix should be able to auto download spellcheck files.

just imagine:
b2 setup /Documents/b2/b2install.php
Configuring b2config.php...
Spellcheck enabled...
Downloading spellcheck files...
CHMOD-ing b2config.php to 466...
Setting up SQL...
Other quirks...
Setup complete.

Then b2unix starts. Cool eh. So if you want to post you'll enter

b2 post
type your entry, ^D when finished.
this is a test entry. Test entry. ^D
[x] auto br y
b2 spellcheck
no errors
b2 blog

ha! i will try to see what i can do for this. if i can do this unix thing, unix will be famous! famous!
ian @ 17:38:08 068
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Smileys? i think smileys are for babies. by the way, b2 is a freshmeat project, not a barbie impersonation! : P 

b2mac isn't doing very well because i violated a total of 16 UI errors! Okay because I haven't been spending a lot of time on this UI business, and I'll download b2 now and try see if it works.

finally michel, kindly tarball b2, thank you very much. i really need tarballs you know. it's easier to tar files from the terminal and download them with two lines of commands.

this is when i am not using the os x gui to do my stuff.
ian @ 17:09:52 048
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Hi Michel, just tryin out this lovely B2 v 0.3. Isn't it absolutely and indefinitly delightfully mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, like strawberry cheescake ice-cream! Tasty! : ) 

You should have smileys as well. It'd be nice..
Babymariah @ 12:19:07 846
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Released: b2 v0.3. New features include a spellchecker, an improved interface, an offline blogthis! page, some new template tags, comment fields saved in a cookie, more options for date formatting.
michel v @ 23:30:24 312
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b2mac is at 0.1beta and now has support for spell check as a Cocoa application.

Other refinements include some stupid errors in code, and very soon b2mac will be able to run on any copy of b2 in this world, not just the one on this server. So there.

I won't be releasing the distro version, though, because I figure no one is going to use b2mac (pc freaks) except for me. Another feature worth considering is the automatic installation of b2 (including the chmod-ing) to the ftp server with a user and a pass.
ian @ 04:41:19 528
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Well, I've found the solution to the blogthis problem. It will require some browser-detection javascript though.
(And the security notes will be placed elsewhere.)
Because of this, but also because I've spent some too much time playing a new-found RPG today, and that I'm tired now, the release is pushed for tomorrow. (well, today + some hours)

(On a side-note, I'm posting this from the blogthis thing on Mozilla)
michel v @ 02:29:44 437
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Those two 'notes' are indeed scary. And blogthis for Opera indeed works. I suppose this is because the feature sets for Opera between operating systems are very close. And Opera and Mozilla are standards freaks, unlike IE.

What you see on IE Win isn't what you see on IE Mac.
ian @ 18:22:01 098
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Why don't you just ask the guys at Blogger for the Blogthis code. It won't harm them one bit.
ian @ 18:17:09 095
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I'll end up making several blogthis! versions for different browsers... It seems to work perfectly on Opera and Mozilla, but not on NS4 and IE. Damn I hate that non-compliant thing.
michel v @ 18:15:16 093
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You know that little redirect page after you post? I think you should remove it, Michel. It's almost pointless to inform the person with 'Blogged!' when you see the post that he's blogged already below.

UI violation #123,566,234. : ) 
ian @ 16:42:12 029
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Michel, the blogthis doesn't work. Whatever with javascript:void actually works?

Hmm. Clean code, yeah, MySQL keeps choking on it. Choke choke choke. That's strange. I'll try again. But the install went fine, Apache is fast, and almost lives happily ever after...
ian @ 16:41:00 028
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Just coded a little offline Blogthis! form. Now if I can make it a bookmarklet thing...
michel v @ 13:56:02 913
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ah, categories. i like this feature because it is really really nice and organises your posts.

for instance i'm a quake fan, so i go to the quake category and retrieve all posts on quake. this is nice, this is fun, and there are many websites/scripts that use this category thing (for one, slashdot).

PHP illiterate me is trying to grasp the basics of PHP to help debug some code that caused kernel panics two days ago. Here goes.

<html><head><title>Hello World</title></head>
<?php echo "Hello World!";
// comments are preceeded with two slashes;?>

ian @ 11:06:03 795
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okay michel, this is a cool screenshot of b2 on omniweb.

you notice that there is splel chcek automatically, yeah. the two pieces of paper with the a on it is b2mac without the icon.
ian @ 17:20:10 055
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okay michel, allays my fears. tonight i'll get apache running so i can test this b2 thing, yeah. : ) 

right now the status of the b2mac app is very very bad. it keeps giving my mac kernel panics and i find it hard to connect to the b2 interface, as well as make changes for this updated b2. so there.

i'm posting from b2mac, but i'm not sure if it's going to come out right.
ian @ 17:00:29 042
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Just coded something that lets the super-admin (level 10) modify the date of posts.
michel v @ 13:37:53 901
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Front page nonsense: fixed.
Level 0/1: already fixed here, there's an option in the config file to enable new users to post once they registered. Oh, I've set it on here, so if you're not registered yet, you can have a go and test : ) 
SpellCheck button: fixed, along with tab order. Now you just type something in the edit box, and hit tab and enter/return to blog it.
michel v @ 12:23:59 849
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i suppose the b2 user interface is very 'weak'. First of all, the front page of b2 is completely redundant. i mean the front page after you login.

blogger immediately shows you the post and edit functions. this is very essential considering that the only reason why an individual would use b2 would be because he or she wants to blog.

also, the level 0/1 thing is totally redundant. instead the admin should have an option whether to turn on 'public' blogging so that anyone who signs up is automatically able to blog, or private blogging where invites are required -- much like blogger.

and then, another thing: i'll bet one in three people who don't intend to do spell check will click the spell check button. that's very sorry to know because the spell check button is right below this text field which i am typing in.

kindly put back the blog this! button in the spell check's place. or put spell check on its right. thank you.
ian @ 08:24:40 683
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Hahaha funny funny, Michel. I'm thinking of creating a Mac OS X client version of b2 so you don't have to connect to the website to login.

I currently have a little beta over 3 hours of programming, but it simply connects to this b2 server, and not another where b2 is installed. i'll get a few plugins for that.

if i can figure out how the dockling works, i can also put a little shortcut on the dock thing.

another thing: b2 caused server kernel panics on os x. Uh-oh.
ian @ 07:38:46 651
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[Wen I was in the thirst grade, my teacher send I kudo spill Verdi well.]
Some replacement words are weird...

Anyway, it'll make its way into the next release. Tonight I'm setting up a CVS on SourceForge so you can check the changes directly, and download the latest files, between the future releases. (I'm just waiting for their approval actually)
michel v @ 18:43:53 113
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Wen I was in the phirst grade, my teacher sed I kud spill veri well.

It caught all the typos except the ones in bold above...

Nice feature!
Rog @ 18:31:30 105
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The new spellchecker says "blog" isn't correct in English, and proposes the following words instead: bog, log, belong, oblong, long, bogs, bogy, bong, loge, logo, logs, logy, belongs, biltong, blowgun.
Oh I can replace "Type your blog here" by "Type your blowgun here". Neat.
michel v @ 18:05:54 087
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Just updated the zip file to fix the nasty bug in the comments.
If you have already downloaded b2, then open the file b2template.functions.php, look for these lines:
function comment_time() {
global $id,$postdata;

Replace the second line with:
global $commentdata;

This is an error that got fixed a while ago but came back mysteriously...

michel v @ 12:52:15 869
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i really would love spellchecking when i'm not on mac os x. you could, for instance, plug to a spell checker site and grab results (i only know how to do this in perl) for input, which is, of course the post.

however if you are on omniweb or a cocoa web browser (sorry windows users), you might have a javascript block out spellcheck. just for your info.
ian @ 08:24:38 683
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Just cleaned some old bugs, added the 'post title' functionnality, made an install script for the database operations, and wrote a ReadMe file.

What does this mean ? --> First release !
Go download, test it, and tell me how you like it ! : ) 
michel v @ 22:53:19 287
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OK, so I was fixing stuff and it ends up with "comments" on the front page ? Damn.
michel v @ 13:25:23 892
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b2's going fine. It was frozen because of a sudden load of work, but from tonight on, the coding process will restart.
I'm really sorry for the delay, I should have released a beta last week already...
michel v @ 13:23:41 891
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