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I have been working on some hacks for b2, unfortunately, the ftp server is down. I can't seem to do anything if at all on FTP.

Therefore I can't test any b2 stuff.
ian @ 14:46:50 949
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anyone want to do b2's documentation in DocBook? : - ) 
ian @ 10:00:11 750
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Just wondered how much space b2 would take in a MySQL database, so I did a quick dump of the db and checked :

With 125 users, 183 posts, 89 comments, 5 categories, and 1 set of settings, it takes 127 KB.
If you remove the users, it takes 97 KB.
If you also remove the comments, it takes 76 KB.

Not bad for almost 200 posts.
michel v @ 13:49:34 909
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the tarballed version of b2 (aka b2unix, identified by the installers) is available here.

any problems with the installers, or any other files that have not been compressed? report them to me.

by the way, if your installation has been interrupted, read the installer readme.

and final warning: any installer related stuff mentioned here is only for a unix command line interface. your webserver must also run on unix! take note!
ian @ 09:23:23 724
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I still think this page is best for updates on b2's development, and i shall go into detail about b2mac on basic. there's some problems here. well, i could access this page on the mac client, but i have problems with http transfers onto a page formatting. and honestly i haven't thought up about the posts gui yet.
ian @ 18:06:50 088
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Updated the template functions file, and the comment posting file. Now comments' time format is customizable right on the template and people won't post name,@,http://,comment anymore.
Changes were reflected in the zip files.

Also, there are forums now. So go & register if you want to tell us about bugs, suggestions, feedback or just anything : ) 
michel v @ 05:16:58 553
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Suggestion, and a big time suggestion at that that may turn the fate of b2 forever. : )  maybe not.

How about a migration from Greymatter to b2? What this will do is to parse the Greymatter entry files and convert them into b2. Sounds easy, but the programming involved is tough, I think. For Blogger, the process could be slightly easier, with XML-RPC, all we need to do is strip the XML code and introduce it into b2.
ian @ 09:50:40 743
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i think i once suggested that, but not exactly so. i think it is the notification of users when the weblog is updated, but the comments thing would be a hell of a hinderance if you have 500 visitors a day.
ian @ 09:21:51 723
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I finally have a real suggestion. How about the ability to have it sendmail to an email address when comments and/or posts are made? I had a couple people comment on one of my entries and I completely missed them until today : )  (And Ian - check out the bottom of my pages now... hehe)
travis @ 03:13:51 467
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I've started work on the port's UI, and I would really appreciate spiffy icons. socket connection will be done next, like


all i want is some c coder to do the unix version. i really would appreciate that.
ian @ 19:14:08 134
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By the way, I have posted the b2 tips page. It should work though, and if you knew some PHP i'm pretty much sure you could create your own b2 pages, this is just to start you on. : ) 

In the rare event that it doesn't work, kindly contact me.
ian @ 17:00:53 042
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Something while I was working on the b2 register tip: why does a b2 password allow up to 100 characters?

And why is the e-mail below the password/confirmation password field? To comply with UI standards (and common sense) : ) , you ought to move the e-mail above the password/confirmation field.

The reason why I'm working on this register trick is because I find it almost pointless to have a few fields in such a big page. It's almost better to incorporate it inside the b2 page, if you know what I mean.
ian @ 10:45:25 781
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Not much of a bug, but neither is it a huge security flaw: with the right html coding, one can register on a b2 weblog (i won't reveal the code, but i might tell michel : P  )

removing b2register.html is unnecessary: b2register.php is another file to register on b2, and many non-php coders like myself have no idea how to turn signoffs OFF on our weblogs.

meanwhile, i shall make a little file explaining how to move the sign-in forms onto your weblog (like on mine), and how to include a register form on your weblog as well.

b2installer update: b2unix is done with, however, however, tar refuses to work with me, as with gzip. cat-ing the file doesn't work; it chokes on a directory. shit.
ian @ 08:49:37 701
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Other suggestions include things like idle deletion of users (users automatically deleted when not blogging for, say, one month). Michel, maybe, maybe it's about time to disable people from registering on this site and making test posts (so they can do tests on the designated site).
ian @ 16:43:37 030
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Ah yes. But other options for a Team page include things like pop-ups. That will not hinder the UI at all, I suppose, and it is time to reorganise the different elements on the Post & Edit page.

Michel, like I said, you should create filters to delete test posts (and even demote users who do so).
ian @ 16:38:34 026
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I'll also move the team listing back in a Team page, because when you get 80+ users it slows down the display of the main admin page.
michel v @ 16:28:26 019
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Little thing: due to too much test posts with no comments whatsoever, I'm now deleting every test post once I see them. Sorry guys. I'll be putting a b2 somewhere on that page, only for testing purposes, so you can test all the way.
So for the moment, please leave this room for comments.
michel v @ 16:25:29 017
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I'm astounded that no one has suggested the complete removal of users by the admin (only). the other day someone signed up at my blog (i forgot to remove the b2signup.html file, apparently) and i couldn't delete him, which is why i asked you, michel, to run b2install.php on my server. : ) 

the other thing is changing the options to make b2signup.html REDUNDANT by default, otherwise people who you do not want to be part of your blog will be part of your users (as level 0, of course)! oh well.

yet another thing: the admin should have a setting to sort users by level, alphabetical order and date (joined). it's very much easier for community blogging. : ) 
ian @ 19:02:40 126
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reported but unaddressed: after one updates his own profile under the users section by clicking on the update button, there is a redirection to b2edit.php!

two suggested fixes: close the pop-up after updating, or bring the person back to his updated profile page.

also: when a person has blogged, it is kind of strange to have 'Blogged!' at the post column. I'd like to see it next to the post that has been posted, so it's kind of clearer and makes more sense, if you see what I mean. just cosmetic changes.
ian @ 13:44:34 905
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something that i'd like to see: the filtering of rubbishy stuff like the last post (michel's note: last post has been erased), and possibly removal of vulgarities (suitable for community blogging, and is of course optional.)

on the b2 installer: i'll work on it monday when i'm on the laptop because my laptop is with my uncle. : ) 

i'll also do installers for mac users, because applescript is easy. michel, would it be possible if you could send me a list of files for the new versions of b2 so i could tweak the installers somewhat? i would appreciate some framework that would update the two .netrc files for installation and uninstallation.
ian @ 13:40:39 903
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If you want to link to us, do so. And there's something I haven't stated in the ReadMe as a requirement but that I'd love you to do: if you use b2 on your site, please include a link to this page.

In short, if you like b2, just link to it or talk about it to your friends : ) 
What need for this script if no-one knows about it ?
michel v @ 23:12:16 300
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1234567 @ 18:18:09 095
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[ post edited because it screwed up the layout ]
tt @ 17:47:46 074
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It is official, then, that the installers will only be included in the unix version of b2. by the way, since the b2 package isn't insanely large, i will either tar or gzip it, depending on the conditions. : ) 

i've decided to recode the installers because complications caused my file to disappear. on that pimping thing, well, i don't quite get you, it, i suppose it's the exchange of links, which is probably unnecessary, link us if you want to, if you don't, never mind. i suppose that's how michel likes it.
ian @ 17:32:01 063
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nice script
hosay @ 16:22:57 015
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Hm..... nice app, but the page is scrolling sticky, compared to the other pages open.
yaqi @ 13:57:20 914
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And yes, there'll be a teaser function in the next release. Still pondering how to include that in the UI without cluttering it.
michel v @ 13:10:36 882
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ERRATUM: in the ReadMe it said you can use the_content() with an argument, like for example the_content(50) to load only the first 50 characters of a post. This functionnality has been disabled because it didn't work the way I wanted: it would be capable of breaking pages if in this example the 50th character is inside a tag.
I will bring that functionnality back when I have coded something to strip the tags from the char count.
michel v @ 13:01:51 876
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boo !!
3rdeye @ 11:42:54 821
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This script looks and 'feels' great. I'd be happy to pimp it on my website (going to have a php section with my php scripts, I could pimp yours there!)
Email me or ICQ104346190 if your interested... regards : ) 
it @ 11:41:24 820
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I have been put in charge of gzipping the b2 files, as well as the installer. There have been no plans to include the installer within the Win32 installer, and it is questionable for the UNIX version, whether the patch should be done.

If anyone wishes for the UNIX installers for b2 to be included for the UNIX version of b2, you should post here, otherwise if you think that there is no need to do so, tell me also.
ian @ 08:01:42 667
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Impressive news management suite.
FrozenPea @ 08:00:48 667
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Just an FYI... the form on the main page of this site to vote for b2 at HotScripts.com lists the program's id as 11386, while it should be 11486. Which means every vote cast from this page is voting for another product (php Link Index). Let us know when it's fixed and hopefully everybody will vote again!! I'm loving b2 so far, btw. : ) 
travis @ 06:08:52 589
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If I can guess what you're thinking, webdean, b2 already has subject heading posting, which I use on my weblog, and I'll give you the code snippet. Hold.

You can read it at the b2 readme, it's all in there. About lead-ins, which I think I know what you mean, will probably be part of the next version since you asked and Michel is always obliging.
ian @ 05:55:35 580
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danny @ 05:41:08 570
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Timmah @ 05:30:03 562
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hello every one . This is a test
yes @ 04:21:23 514
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I was wondering if there is a possiblity that an add'l field for a lead-in paragraph (or whatever you'd want to call it) will show up in future releases. The root page could have the post title/subject and the lead-in with a "more" link to the main body of the post. Optionally, the lead-in could be the entire post without the "more" if the author desired.
Webdean @ 04:20:52 514
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hiya michel : ) 

Just wondering since I can't seem to find any buttons...
Would this one be okay to use on my page?

Let me know at dodos I guess : ) 

Shi @ 03:30:46 479
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just checkin this out
cyrus @ 01:27:35 394
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Fesso chi Legge
gigio @ 23:32:57 314
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Just seeing what this does
juzza @ 23:02:58 293
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Featured there too. Wow.
That sure is the kick start I needed to start coding new features and launch forums.
michel v @ 22:40:34 278
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Submitted b2 to ScriptSearch and HotScripts.
There it is now on HotScripts : ) 
michel v @ 22:21:08 264
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Boy how we badly need pluggage and advertising.
michel v @ 19:43:58 155
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Okay, the b2 installer is done, with a little more functionality than what i had wished for.

see here. i am no good at regurgitating posts, i am sorry. download from here. the readme is here. michel should personally change my damn readme. it is too longwinded.
ian @ 16:15:43 010
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It really should be 'whereever third party code is used', and not 'whenever'. thank you.
ian @ 08:40:06 694
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The installer is almost ready, and will be ready for download as soon as i've finished testin it on b2 0.5.
ian @ 08:37:31 692
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Released b2 v0.5 tonight. It features: less files, more functionnality: categories, template editing, and now the possibility to have several b2 in a single database. It also features the green&yellow summer UI ; ) 
Oh, the ReadMe file is now an html file, just so it looks better. You can also find it online here.
michel v @ 21:10:36 215
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I have done the b2 installers. They should work, no syntax errors, all i need now is to test it for real and see if it really works. It should.

If it does, I'll have to redo the Readme. Oh goodnight. it is late. i have to sleep. 2.32am.
ian @ 20:31:45 188
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Screw cookies, they won't work yet and I won't spend ten days on them just for a release.
The double-post thing is likely a bug from the browser. It should not keep the POST data in memory after a header() command, but it seems yours does.
michel v @ 19:39:53 152
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On my Mac OS X box (and OS 9.1 as well), b2 displays b2edit.php?a=b after i post. this is normal behaviour i think, but when you reload the page (refresh in ie terms), the post actually duplicates itself. i'm sure that there's a workaround somewhere (like disabling duplication of posts), and that this problem will be addressed soon.
ian @ 17:27:23 060
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michel, I need the 0.5 version of the files so i can create the necessary installer files for b2... unfortunately, this shell script version works only for darwin (haven't tested it on any other operating system), but the syntax is universal in all operating systems.
ian @ 17:25:09 059
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Since I postponed v0.5 so many times, I guess I'm entitled to postpone it again. The reason this time is a new cookie login system that I started coding. It's already functional on test pages, meaning it leaves a cookie in your browser and when you come back even two days later you're still logged in. Now I'll integrate it into b2, replacing the cumbersome php sessions system.
michel v @ 12:41:01 861
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b2.blog.pl. Nothing to do with b2 either.
michel v @ 12:38:30 860
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wahhaha. no, nothing in relation to this project.
ian @ 15:47:21 991
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With my new-found knowledge of shellscripts, i'm currently creating a shell script that will upload b2 files and run b2install.php automatically...

Then again, I have no idea how to put in a ftp login command with both login and password on the same line. It'd probably be better that way, and the shell overwrites error codes (!) on a errorlog generated with cat -- I reckon that by adding a '<', the problem can be solved.

Long post.
ian @ 15:08:40 964
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Doh, I'm so numb I posted as 'guest' when I fixed the bug (had to try the fix)...
michel v @ 00:51:28 369
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'Bug' fixed. It was a stupid bug, some lines I forgot to include. By the way the UI hasn't changed, I only played with the stylesheet.

My mind has been missing in action for a few days, hence the lack of updates on my blog and most importantly the delayed release date of v0.5. It will be up and running in a few days.
guest @ 00:49:10 367
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This isn't a big security flaw, a minor one in fact, but why is it that non-admins can change/add categories (when it is supposed to be an admin-only command)?

i just added two categories, and managed to delete and rename one. this almost means that someone who knows the b2 filestructure can do 'potential' damage. Haven't checked the other files though, but I'm glad to know that b2template.php is admin-protected. : ) 
ian @ 09:04:05 711
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hey, michel, nice ui! i mean that it's better than the previous one.

i think you should have made a changelog or something, and i'll make a little shell script which will install your b2 files automatically, which i hope will work.
ian @ 08:56:28 705
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No pun intended -- opensource doesn't actually mean no copyright, it just means copyleft. just to prevent the masses from fainting, perhaps you should just abolish the copyright and put in 'by michel v' which is so much friendlier : - ) 

I would advise the use of copyleft, really. just to remind you, i would definitely love if there were two category boxes (or even three) if the categories so happen to coincide with one another...
ian @ 17:01:58 043
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You must be reading in my mind. Yesterday I coded a little dropdown_categories() template function, and I didn't test it yet. There I go, it works perfectly. There shall also be list_categories(), for those who don't want a dropdown menu.

About the license, there's still a copyright thing because b2 doesn't have a particular license upon it. Suffice to say that for the moment I don't really care if you use parts of my code or not, as long as you give me credits for it. And to clear things: opensource doesn't mean no-copyright, it just means that the end-user is allowed to view the source and change it as desired. b2 isn't released under the GPL yet.
michel v @ 13:22:59 890
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and remove that copyright thing. if it's opensource, there's no reason why the copyright sign should be there.

you'll be fine if you go by the gnu public license (gnu.org)

(another suggestion: auto-linking by just typing in the web address. for instance ftp://ftp.dayzero.org would make a hyperlink like that. just to make b2 more useful, you could enter the target name in brackets as http://dayzero.org(dayzero) so it will appear as dayzero when posted.
ian @ 09:40:16 736
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if you asked me, b2 seriously needs category linking and category viewing by visitors. it almost defeats the purpose of having categories in the first place.
ian @ 09:37:18 734
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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
See the ReadMe file for requirements and installation instructions.

Contact info ?
E-mail: m@tidakada.com
Forums: over there. :)

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