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In the teams section, when your name is selected, why not shade the whole row of your information? Now this cannot be argued (let's say that you'll incur the wrath of UI experts like Tognazinni (asktog.com), heh).

I still see a profile pop-up window, but no link in the b2 interface. It's going to be useful.

Another big-time problem is the 'Blogged' indicator. First of all it's placed too far away from the Post box. Second thing: it shouldn't even be there (near the Post box).

And finally -- why don't you integrate PostEdit with Post? Since there's now a new Post box, you could actually put edit date/time functions in the box itself.
ian @ 09:38:33 735
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Yeah, the b2 window looks funny. I appreciate the Post thing got bigger, but the b2 window looks funny as ever. I'll upload a picture later.

By the way, the login form does not have the username and password fields in line with their descriptions. : | 

But on the whole, I'm pretty satisfied with the UI, except with the Teams thing. Well well well. We could break it down into two things:

  1. a pop-up window
  2. integrated into the b3 interface

While pop-ups aren't good news for Mac users (it auto-sets the windows resolution for IE, damn), I would feel that integration would still be the second best thing, if it was given as an option. Maybe it could be turned off by b3 after there is too many users.
ian @ 09:34:22 732
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There you go Ian, I fixed that little narrow cells problem. I also... well that's pretty much all. Oh I made functions out of parts of the sections' general layout, so expect the scripts to get lighter, and the development of plugins' layout easier.
Actually b2's present layout will be used as b3's base layout.
But let me remind you it's not finished, so things like the search function turn out weird. The search and the archives shouldn't even display a form to add posts, yet they do because I haven't taken care of that problem.

On other news, the template editing system works again, and some fixes were made with the way the template editor and the Edit box display the code. There used to be glitches with html special chars, such as & and others, now there shouldn't be anymore.
michel v @ 20:29:07 186
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michel, i'm sorry, but the new ui sucks. i mean, there's almost no reason to enclose the post thing into such a confined area.

it's either this, or make the cellpadding a little larger, because everything feels 'cramped'. this isn't very good news, actually.

and i would still like to appeal for multiple category posting for b3, michel. this can be achieved with a multi-selection list, thereby opening up the category list -- something i've always been in support of, actually.

and other complaints: the search thing is also very much a no-brainer -- perhaps you'd like to remove the search heading.

by the way, os x 10.1 has just come out. soon mac os x users will be able to post into a b2/blogger blog directly from the osx gui.
ian @ 17:15:25 052
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Michel, is there a bug in the comment page. I can't seem to comment on your previous post. It brings me to an error page.
s @ 08:52:14 702
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I toyed around with the UI, template-functions, and categories stuff.

Added some browser recognition so some CSS wouldn't display on Netscape 4, added custom weekdays in the template functions, and started coding a little posts' navigator bar. Also the team listing now has two lists: Active users, and Inactive users; inactive users are those whose level is still zero. Categories are now deleteable; and when you delete a category, all posts under that category go back to the default one.

That's all for b2's idle development. b2's successor, which has yet to have a name, is in the works as you may know if you visit the forums. Go check the 'b3' section for more info.
michel v @ 19:03:10 127
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This should qualify as a bug, in my opinion. b2 looks totally horrible in lynx. The UI elements are actually placed on the far right. This shouldn't be the case, and it would be better if it were on the left, wouldn't it? : ) 
ian @ 12:33:22 856
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Now you can search on any b2 blog.

copy this code:

<form name="searchform" action="index.php" method="get">
<input type="hidden" name="a" value="s" />
<input type="text" name="s" value="" size="20" style="width:150px;" /><br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="search" />
</form><br />

There you have it. It's in XHTML and fresh from the oven : )  Addresses another feature that we supposedly don't have that gm does...

Although this search does more of a grep. I'll explain this: for instance if I'm looking for a post with the word 'lain', but I'll find posts with words like 'explain', 'plain' or 'slain'. What I want is 'lain', not 'explain'!
ian @ 21:01:02 209
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I have installed Cygwin yesterday and that'll allow me to run some basic Unix shell commands on my Windows boxes. As a result, future releases will be tarballed and gzipped, instead of zipped. That'll make smaller download size (.zip = 55kB, .tar.gz = 43kB), and will make it possible to just type tar -xzf b2.tar.gz in a terminal to unzip it.

Another possibility is bzip2 compression, but that's not readable by WinZip yet...

From now on I'm creating the images in the GIMP, so since that program can't save .gif files (I could install a fix but I don't have an UniSys license), all images will be of the .png format. Gif format sucks anyway.
michel v @ 12:46:01 865
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And this is why I typed "if it looks weird don't worry", because it does look and behave weird/unstable/buggy at the moment. I have lots of things besides b2 at the moment, and I didn't have the time to fix these 'bugs'.
The current release is usable code : ) 
michel v @ 12:15:33 844
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When I click on the username of ANY user at all, I can actually edit my profile. Now there's something wrong about this, and totally defies every UI rule in the book. If you're going to keep the b2team.php page, then remove the links for every user because his info is already kept there. Towards world domination on a b2-weblog : ) 
ian @ 07:22:47 640
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On this:

Michel, the dream is, the categories appear in multipleselectionpulldown form, or a checkbox form. In this way, you can view, add, and delete categories at one place.

On the previous b2 design, you have to access some place to add a b2 category, then click here to delete a category, and finally your b2 categories are in b2edit. that isn't very intuitive.

of course, there comes a point where you can't place everything in your b2edit page (making it all the more cramped).

For the users column, which on this blog is a long deal, then I'd suggest use pulldown menus. And something else about the users column: how in the world would I know that I could edit my own profile by clicking on my username in the team list?

In the words of Steve Jobs, "we simplify the interface, we have good advertising, you get your profit."
ian @ 07:20:00 638
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the new UI looks nice. The only thing is that the sidebaar needs a little colour. either light grey (my best bet) or green. I'm saying that grey may not appear too clearly on my laptop.

The addcategory function should be with the category column. and a 'next 20 posts' implementation.

The thing about b2 is that it needs some work on the post navigation system, otherwise it's wonderful. : ) 
ian @ 19:47:51 158
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I'm playing with b2's UI at the moment, so if it looks weird to you, do not worry. I've cut down the huge CSS needs and accomodated the coding with Netscape 4's capricious behaviour.
michel v @ 19:40:28 153
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This is hilarious, b2 is the first search result for 'greymatter blog powered' ! Don't you just love Google ?
michel v @ 22:19:17 263
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thanks for michel fixing the bug on my b2.. so all single quote will be replaced by double quotes now ; )  i will try to work on the smiley (hack) hmm.. we will see =)
dodo @ 21:47:16 241
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