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Querystring+archive improvements:

  1. m= : I extended the m= behaviour. This is how it will work: when you'll put m=2001, it will search for all posts of 2001, then when you put m=200106 it will search for every post made in June, m=20010606 will search for posts on the 6th of June, then if you search for 2001060600 it will display posts made on that day, between midnight and 1h in the morning (12AM and 1AM, for you AM/PM people out there), then if you want you can ask for m=200106060041 for posts made at 00:41, and then finally, if you're really blunt, you can add two more digits and search for the seconds. How's that for precision ?

  2. w= : New, the week pointer. You can link to posts made a specific week, between 1 and 53 (because there can be a start of a 53th week in the year). You would have to use the m= argument too, for example it could look like this: b2.php?m=2001&w=1, for posts of the 1st week of this year.

  3. weekly archives are on their way, thanks to the w= argument. I have plans for a totally configurable thing, you could have "10/22/2001 to Oct 28 2001" for example: there would be three boxes: the first is a date format box for the first part, the second would be the separator (here: "to"), and the third would be another date format box. You could of course leave one of them blank, and use "week of " as the separator, and "M jS" as the second date format, to have "week of Oct 22nd" as the archive link. That leaves some possibilities to you, doesn't it ?

michel v @ 20:54:37 246
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This article by Beale Screamer is absolutely correct. I quote from here: Copyright was created as a policy that balanced the interests of authors, publishers, and readers. It was not intended to be a restrictive property right.

That's right, Michel -- you can put copyright signs, protect your code, demand for credit, but the original copyright laws say you can't. The end user can control whatever he wants. No one can stop him, even from making an exact copy, especially intellectual property -- and you can't say 'stolen' either. Microsoft managed to exploit this loophole when copyright wasn't such a big thing -- if Microsoft did it yesterday, it'd be bankrupt. Bankrupt.

Is plagiarism wrong? Yes. But you can't stop it, Michel.
ian @ 10:44:24 822
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In reference to Ricardo's Javascript fix for OS X on the bookmarklet thing: it doesn't work, and isn't supposed to work in the first place. I don't know what the problem is but one of the guys at the ADC told me that IE doesn't support this JavaScript too well. Maybe it's because I have the beta.

Anyway, his suggested fix was similar to the one I sent to Michel, however it also doesn't work too well... I sent an e-mail to Microsoft. We'll see.
ian @ 08:06:02 712
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I somehow made a booboo with my harddrive's MBR two days ago, and now I can't boot any Windows anymore. I'm beginning to just love Linux, but it's not as easy to code on this platform yet. I miss EditPlus2, but now that I found BLueFish and that I have installed a recent Apache/PHP/MySQL combo, things should be back to normal in a few days.

Also, to anyone who knows me on ICQ, please message me. I cannot import my contact-list from Windows and I don't remember all your e-mail addies. Other than that, things should be ok.
michel v @ 20:46:07 240
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Ah, my requests have been completed. In the name of UI laws, that is.

CaféLog's UI looks weird.

Was about to say that AIM uses the goim thing, but Maz has already said it's more universal. The 'e-mail me comments on this post' and 'Turn URL/e-mail', and even Auto-BR should be relegated back to the options page since it exists ; ) 

Michel, I'm developing a user-end to Cafélog based on AppleScript (I should think it supports HTTP), could I ask how long the cookie lasts before expiring? Would it also be a possibility to log into Cafélog currently from a URI?
ian @ 17:54:04 079
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The AIM code that is in the source is

<a href="aim:me<br"<me<br</a< />
ian @ 17:27:19 060
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I'm just testing the AIM links. I want to know how it all works out. : ) 
ian @ 17:24:59 059
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Good news: www.cafelog.com - We've got automatic linking on URLs now, and comments notification by e-mail.
Bad news: I'm modifying the login system and you will experience lots of bugs if you try to login here these days. Don't waste time reporting the *visible* bugs on that development version, I can experience them right now : ) 
michel v @ 20:12:19 175
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Today, we have:
michel v @ 22:01:01 250
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If you're seeing this, you're seeing b2 on the new server. You can get back to posting/commenting again, weeee !
As a reminder that this is a development status blog, please be so kind as to redirect your questions and/or bug reports to the forums.
michel v @ 01:49:18 409
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I'm moving the site to another server. The database is being backed up as I type this, so anything you would do here now would be lost. Wait until you see a new post; and before that, please do not post/comment/register, as it wouldn't be saved.
Ciao !
michel v @ 01:13:09 384
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I login today and again I clicked on the profile. Everything was fine, just that the number of posts shown to me was 0 for Michel, ian and me or anyone else who had post at least 1 message before.
s @ 12:22:22 848
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May I ask what the 570 in "ian @ 08:42:00 570" means? Just a question, but I was also thinking that maybe you could display a post ID next to every post in the archives.
ian @ 06:29:42 603
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When I suggest features, the world sits up and takes notice -- me. : - ) 

How about enabling of URIs for their helper applications as in when I type in aim:TheBigWhiteHorse a hyperlink to send instant messages to TheBigWhiteHorse comes up on b2? I've been thinking of this like a few days and if hyperlinks can be enabled on b2, then why not AIM, ICQ, Jabber, even Yahoo! Messenger?
ian @ 08:42:00 695
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I wonder if this should be considered, but how about a pop-up window for the post navigation system? It does seem an interesting prospect because you save some loading times, and you need not be bothered by the constraints of having to scroll to the top or bottom.
ian @ 08:32:52 689
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The latest b2 public release (installed on my dir in tidakada.com) has a bug in the comments, not the HTML tags issue, actually.

For instance the e-mail and website name fields require something to be put in, which shouldn't be (not required in GM comments anyway), especially when you're a long-time visitor and aren't too keen on entering your website and e-mail addresses for free advertisement and shameless hits : ) 

b2 is great, power to b2! [this blog powered by b2]
ian @ 08:28:14 686
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Anticopyright.com: Intellectual "property" does not behave like material property. If I give you a physical object I may no longer have use or control of that thing, and may ask for something in return -- some payment or barter. But when I give you an idea, I lose nothing. I can still use that idea as I wish. I need ask nothing in return.

If I have one cookie and you have one cookie, and we exchange that, we still have one cookie each. If I have one idea and you have one idea, and we exchange that, we have two ideas. -- Bernard Shaw

This quote tells us the exact difference between intellectual and physical property.
ian @ 08:23:26 682
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I read Michel's previous post and I got to Ana's site. Although I don't understand their language but I managed to reach her guestbook. To my suprise, it says there, [powered by b2]. A b2 guestbook? Gotta check this out.
s @ 02:21:12 431
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I'm introducing some user-specific preferences in the profile window, as well as the default behaviour of hiding inactive users on the team page, and pretty soon the e-mail notification of comments. Lots of things have been changed/added in the database and I can now say that technically, the multi-blog objective has been reached, and what you are reading now is just blog #1 on the database. I could add a second blog in the same database, the posts would share the $tableposts, the users would be the same but their levels might be different, etc. More later.

On a bright note, Ricardo offered a nice b2-powered site to his girlfriend Ana for her birthday, so go there and wish her a happy birthday ! : ) 
(yeah I know I'm a bit late...)

[ edit: oh by the way, there are cookies now, so you won't need to go login everytime you use b2 - you'll just have to remember to logout when using a shared computer ]
michel v @ 20:01:16 167
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A lot of coding and db upgrading has taken off last night, and it'll be likely that you see weird things displayed on this page in the next days as I'll be putting everything back together, and in the meanwhile switching servers.

Here's good news: there's no b3 anymore, a db upgrade way has been found, that makes multiple blogs possible very easily. Oh and I picked a name from this thread and that will be b2's new name soon (end of next week ?).

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what the fuck is up with Atelier.no, that has a nice little page about how his copyright is sacred while he so conveniently removed my footer copyright notice from his b2's footer and replaced it with a nice Atelier - ©2001 notice on his other site, and also replaced the name and link to b2 on his login page by a link to Atelier.no.

He even had the guts to make an hyperlink to the Norwegian agency for copyright holders ! Needless to say, I contacted these guys.

Since that guy so conveniently ignored my e-mail, and just erased files from their previous locations to put them on pso.no's webroot, I sent a second, corrected, e-mail to Kopinor.no, and I'm decided to sort out the issue quickly.

On a related note, why are copyright infringers so keen on putting a big ass COPYRIGHT section on sites/things they just copied ? This defies common sense...
michel v @ 20:43:51 197
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How come when I login into my account and click on the userid that made the posts, it open a small window with error messages inside? The error message looks like this -- Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in b2functions.php on line 42
s @ 16:37:28 026
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http://www.macslash.com/article.pl? _
_ sid=01/10/18/1353253&mode=thread

Thinking of this, it'd be great if b2 could automatically put hyperlinks to URLs. Really.
ian @ 16:10:13 007
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Please reply to a post by using the comments.
michel v @ 21:18:54 221
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Okay, okay, Ricardo, I'll let you in on something. I'm a member of the Apple Developer Connection, and I do get some beta software that ordinary Mac users don't get -- unless you're an ADC member. : )  Apparently I forgot that ADC gave the 10.1 betas to its members -- if you haven't upgraded to 10.1, with the newest IE or are a big-time fan of OmniWeb, good for you. I've a fan of IE, because monopolic ideas and good features are keeping me hooked.
ian @ 11:45:55 823
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I noticed that I've been pretty unwilling to type in titles because of its poor positioning. Yes, Michel, don't dispute that, UIs ARE very dependent on the placement of the different elements. It took Windows so many years to realise that the Recycle Bin (from NeXTSTEP) belongs not in the middle of the left side of the desktop but the bottom right corner. Bring back the Title column right above the Post box, please. And turn Auto-BR back on by default. Such little things don't merit a big mention, but go a long deal in UI-friendliness.
ian @ 11:39:38 819
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By the way, nobody is used on MOST Apache servers, but not all. Nobody is typically used on ze Linux systems. Commonly-known fact: Apache is started as god-mode, before changing to nobody. The purpose of nobody, according to Ken Coar (proud developer of Apache from IBM), is not basically for file security, more of a centralised webserving because for all scripts to be accessed without using nobody, Apache would have to be installed on EVERY user for it to function, with different IPs to boot. :O The only time where security is at danger is when its identity is allowed to change -- therefore the need of a controlled environment, and this is where susexec comes in. : ) 
ian @ 11:37:01 817
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I think Michel is a little mistaken about the security holes. About the CHMOD stuff, could you just simply get gzip to remember file permissions? I know that is absolutely possible, I just forgot the flag for it. : )  I also conveniently forgot the CHMOD of the template file, but I kind of noticed that all the php files in my directory had the same permissions, being 755. I'm going to CHMOD them all to something better, I hope. *some moments later* Yes, editing the CHMOD value works, I did it to 775, that kind of works because the server is working on the Groups part (with user nobody, of course), and not owner or world, because nobody IS a user, therefore any files that are portals to file-editing should always have a *7* value. At least that's what my notes say.
ian @ 11:26:34 810
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Maybe you're noticing a little improvement in loading-speed here. Now b2 has got GZip compression on browsers that support it (recent IE, Netscape 6, and surely others...). I usually always use GZip compression in my php script but fantastically forgot it for b2, so there it's fixed. In the works is a mini file-navigator for the template editor page. It would explore the b2 folder and its subdirectories and list only writeable files, with their size and last modification date. While you're navigating the editor's box is hidden, and when you click on a file's name it opens it for editing in the template editor's box. There are issues with coding that script if I want it to work on every platform, that's why it's not ready yet.
michel v @ 03:07:15 463
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Ian, I've been checking ShaoQi and yours. Both b2s suffered from the usual sign of unChModness of the template file.
To elaborate a bit on the permissions, most webservers actually run as "nobody". So cheking for perm 770 might never work unless the webserver is set to run as the logged user of the server or an user in an usergroup of this server. Both solutions are likely to provoke security holes and indiscrete peeking, this is why they're runned as "nobody". Someone comment me if I'm wrong, please.
Therefore, you've got to check for the permission for 'owner','group', but also 'others', which means checking each is set to 6 (read+write) or more (7, aka read+write+execute). And checking for >= 666 wouldn't help either. After all, 700 is more than 666 but makes a file accessible only to its owner...
michel v @ 02:59:22 457
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I think Michel totally missed my point on the post navigation thing...

but anyway, couldn't you just put the form tags away from the table, then the form elements wouldn't be affected -- or whatever you meant.

Oh yeah, the b2login fix -- haven't seen it online yet, os x b2 users are going to explode. soon.
ian @ 17:23:10 057
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This is a test for the upcoming multipage feature.
1 2 3

michel v @ 13:42:10 904
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Avantgo on b2?

Unless you do long posts with lots of code, or use b2 as a diary, you shouldn't use Avantgo with b2, but hey, now mobile users can read about your sexual fantasies. : ) 

The idea is not to mirror your whole graphics-rich site onto Avantgo, but just a stripped down version with one or two GIFs (for the benefit of Win CE people), and Avantgo-friendly HTML, and there you go. Of course you have to sign up for a channel, and that's pretty much explained.

This requires you to have two files with the same input, and basically you can do the same with b2 thanks to PHP. : )  Just make another b2 file, put in all the b2 template functions and go easy on style, images and anything that blinks.
ian @ 09:20:27 722
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I know I do three-at-a-time posts, and I'm like that. : ) 

However I do have a serious problem with the post navigator, especially when I'm editing a post. When I've got one post that I'm going to edit, what's the big deal about Previous 20/Next 20? : )  Also, two identical post navigation tables are awkward-looking in my opinion, and mostly redundant.

I've been thinking about it, and I agree that the extended post navigation table (the current one) should be retained, probably condensed if ever possible. The one at the bottom, should however be reduced to just Next/Previous 20. I don't know, why don't you ask Bruce Tognazinni (inventor of the Apple UI)? I think his e-mail is asktog@asktog.com, so you could ask him for some advice if he'll reply. : ) 

Updated: It seems that Brucey-boy is out of the country and will not be around to respond to e-mail, but should be ready to by next year. : ) 
ian @ 05:33:40 565
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Just for reconfirmation, the is_writable function did work on my uncle's box. I'm surprised why it won't work on tidakada.
ian @ 05:28:43 561
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Okay, Michel, then why don't you check MY account... even Shaoqi can't use Template Editor, you must have magical fingers or something... : ) 

I'm not too knowledgable about PHP, I told you I'm a Perl nut.
ian @ 05:28:02 561
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Ian, I don't really see the problem you're telling us about... Is_writeable() is the perfect function for that kind of check, and I just installed a fresh b2 on a folder in tidakada.com and could update the templates just fine...
michel v @ 00:36:07 358
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Okay, b2 is PHP4. Heh : ) 

No, Shaoqi, chmoding the files do not work in any case. I ALREADY SAID SO. I suppose the problem is with the webhost, not my fault any more. : ) 

I tried a workaround this afternoon which worked on my uncle's box, but not on tidakada.com -- editing line 81 to read if (@fileperms($f) >= 770) {. Using if (@fileperms($file) >= 770) { results in an error. On my uncle's box both work. On tidakada.com, the first has more or less the same effect, the second allows the updating of the template, but once you click on the button, some errors are shown, giving errors along lines 14-18 (the fopen, fwrite thing).

Which means that is_writeable is probably okay (which it is, now that I've tested at uncle's box) as well.

I tried to determine the CHMOD code of index.php by using echo (@fileperms($f));, but all I got was a blank page (with nothing loaded), which is kind of strange because this does work on my uncle's server (OS X Server 10.1/Apache 1.3.19, not 1.3.20 because this package has some Apple-defined modules and upgrading requires the rebuilding of them all).
ian @ 12:35:11 857
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Michel, I think you forgot to change your email to the tidakada.com one below the list of websites. You only did it for the contact info part.
s @ 09:36:53 733
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PHP3's is_writeable function is broken.

There are workarounds I hope, but it probably explains why I cannot edit my index.php file (which has undergone various CHMOD-ing). I'm thinking that b2 is on PHP3, and not PHP4.

Can someone confirm that Template Editor works? Or is this pure prejudism against Macintosh? : )  The usual workaround on this for me is to FTP another index.php file with all the usual template variables (as explained in the Readme), obviously.

Yer proof-it-all screenshot:

ian @ 07:47:14 657
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Hey, strange behaviour by b2 on the categories part, the 'default' category is b2, and not another category. Could you add such a feature? : ) 
ian @ 07:38:30 651
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There was a glitch and the template tag the_ID() wasn't in the distro. It just got included, aswell as the tag permalink_single() that makes a link to a post, long version, with comments.

For those with already running b2s, check that minor fix in the config file, to fix a sunday problem on the tag the_weekday().
Instead of re-downloading b2, you can copy and paste the new code of b2template.functions.php, there.
michel v @ 22:16:14 261
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Testing: DVDwebben
This is really nice script man.

guest @ 08:21:49 681
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Ok, I have squashed a little bug in the login form, Michel -- change ALL the td valign values that carry the input boxes to top, and everything should work fine.

Another thing, I've hacked also some parts of the b2profile.php page for osx users, it works on osx anyway : ) 

i've also hacked b2edit.php to remove every part of the navigation system except the previous 20 and next 20 buttons, because that will simplify the interface greatly.
ian @ 12:28:14 852
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No, we aren't sick of b2 on Lynx because that browser doesn't even support tables. And if I was to test everything on Lynx too it'd be a big big overhead, for no real benefit overall except the sheer satisfaction of not hearing Ian's complaints about b2 in Lynx. Also FYI the buttons work on IE, only not on IE Mac.

I fixed the templates bug in the releases, along with the 'blah' bug at install.
michel v @ 12:07:27 838
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Another thing -- how come the title thing and category thing are aligned to the right? it looks kind of strange, and b2 does look very strange in lynx. it looks like this:

my profile
search _____
all view

michel, time to do something about this...
ian @ 11:24:19 808
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Aren't we all sick of this?

And oh, the b2 distribution is also in a .sit file, avail here.

It looks like the formatting buttons might have to go. No function on IE, behaves strangely on OmniWeb, and a waste of space on lynx.
ian @ 09:31:46 730
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A quick note to people who may have / plan to download the new release to make a backup copy of there main page or there index.php because i believe there may be a major bug in the template editor that may cause deletion of your files. (happened 3 times to me)
Maz @ 06:15:34 594
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Let's feast and rejoice, for the elusive b2 v0.5.1 is there for you to download !

In the same time, I put a that releases folder up so I (and consequently you) wouldn't have to update all the outside links to b2 releases. It features even b2 v0.1, you can test it for fun, this version was not even public, I don't remember if it actually had the option to edit the posts, or if it had comments. I know it lacks a big thing, but don't remember. : ) I'm sorry that I had to pull back the files 2 hours ago, but I didn't want even 1 or 2 of you to have these bugs that I spotted.

The updated release also includes the fixed GM-2-b2 importer script, that imports your GreyMatter blog: the posts, the extended entries, the users, and the comments on the posts are imported. You can see an example of a successful GM-2-b2 import there on gidgetx.com.
michel v @ 03:06:41 462
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I pulled the new v0.5.1 released files off the site for the time being, there are two nasty bugs that I've got to fix and I don't know when I'll be done with them. Sorry folks, come back in an hour or two.
michel v @ 00:37:53 359
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Michel hasn't updated my copy of b2, boo. Anyway, the comments thing should NEVER redirect to the front page, in my opinion -- perhaps you could make the redirect an option, because you never know who wants what.

Another thing (not sure if this is already resolved): but on some b2 weblogs, URLs and e-mail addresses need to be input into the comment forms otherwise b2 will croak an error. I'm doing speed typing, hence the three quick posts. : D 
ian @ 18:46:10 115
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I wonder if this qualifies as a bug, but the Blogged indicator has disappeared. And about the formatting buttons, they should probably be given a newline instead of squeezing them with the Post thing.

And about the non-functioning of the buttons, I suggest we just go rip off some of those code from one of those Bulletin Board scripts because it happens to work on IE 5, other kinds on the web don't... : ) 
ian @ 18:42:05 112
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Okay, I understand that I did have some stuff that broke the layout. : ) 

would just like you to know that the little funky bold, italics buttons don't work at all on ie 5.1.1 beta mac.

As for omniweb, I suppose that it emulates the IE useragent tag, i'll check tonight, if OmniWeb will download on my recently cleared laptop. The only thing is that the b2 interface now looks very cramped, especially with the buttons (perhaps one too many, or maybe they're too large).

Another strange thing is that the Title field automatically has a value of the title of the b2edit.php page 'b2 > Post & Edit'. Let's say it defies common sense. : ) 

I still think the post navigation system is too feature-packed. I don't know how to go about this, but I'm waiting for Michel to be back on the computer so I can ask him something. Perhaps the post navigation on the top should be simplified to just the Previous 20 and Next 20.

I would think the aim for the b2 interface is simplicity, but it's getting more and more jammed.

I'll start downloading Netscape tonight, so I can test Mozilla on b2, but I generally expect the same as Michel is experiencing himself because Moz is good in the sense that builds at every operating system are more or less the same aesthetically and beneath, unlike IE...
ian @ 18:39:10 110
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OK, we've got lots of bugs fixed, an interface that doesn't suck, bookmarklets, and the possibility to use a b2 template out of the b2 directory.
I think we've got enough to release v0.5.1 tonight. Stay tuned.
michel v @ 13:46:31 907
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Done tonight:
  • Added a file b2edit.form.php that is the common form for posting/editing entries and editing comments. Makes b2edit.php shrink from 12KB to 7KB, woohoo.

  • Added functions format_to_post() and format_to_edit() for clearer code.

  • Corrected some more bugs in the comments thing.

  • Added quicktags buttons, an authorized adaptation of subBlue's BBcode panel for phpBB2.

michel v @ 03:23:43 474
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Here. Non-standard HTML sucks.
ian @ 05:38:42 568
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window.open("<?php echo $path ?>/b2bookmarklet.php","b2",

OS X users can change the b2profile.php javascript to this in place of the 'window.open' code that is already there. This works in OmniWeb 4.05 as well.

[ Edited by michel: added linebreaks in the code so it wouldn't break the table (just concatenate everything if you copy this code), and the correct php tag... and users can't do that since no user has got that version of b2 yet : )  ]
ian @ 05:15:40 552
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For Mac OS X users of IE (yeah yeah), the b2 thing doesn't work.


should work correctly in IE 5.1.1 beta on OS X 10.1.

[ edited: link broke layout. self-reminder: change layout ]
ian @ 05:10:00 548
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Ah, what is the URI of the bookmarklet?
ian @ 05:06:26 546
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There seems to be a problem with AOL's embedded browser that keeps users from logging in. Just so you know. Surely this has to do with the session cookies. If anyone knows a fix, comment.
michel v @ 02:03:08 418
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I'm testing the new b2 bookmarklet... They aren't properly ready now, but you might want to try them if you are a level 1+ user here. So far they can be launched from Mozilla and Internet Explorer 5. I'll edit this post when I have more browsers supported. I'd need the help of some javascript masters too, just in case. : ) 

For those of you who can't test them yet, here are screenshots:
- Mozilla version
- IE 5 version

Update : now Netscape 4, IE 6, and Opera 5 are supported. All hail user-agents.

michel v @ 18:56:22 122
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Another aesthetic problem with b2 is the post navigation (again : - ) 

Of course I love the navigation system, just that... it's not placed at the bottom as well. But perhaps the controls at the bottom can be simplified, like Previous 20 and Next 20 (if available).
ian @ 06:38:32 610
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Michel, somehow you *may* have to introduce the inviting of people because, what if I don't want the whole world to sign up, just my friend? You wouldn't expect me to upload b2register.php and wait for this friend to sign up before deleting from ftp again.

that is, of course (i mean the uploading of the b2register page) feasible, but not user-friendly enough. If you smell what I'm cooking. : - ) 
ian @ 06:37:08 609
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OK, I slept a lot this weekend and thus couldn't polish 0.5.1 enough for a release.
BUT there's a nightly release ! It's a package I made last night for someone who wanted to test the pre-release.

So here goes b2-20011008 in 3 formats, pick your own:
zip - tar.gz - tar.bz2

This package is more functionnal than the last one, its template system has been brought back to v0.5 functions, only improved behind the scenes. The only change is in the behaviour of the tag comments_number(), it's documented in the readme.
You can install this version now, and then change for the final one that's coming this week, it would only be a matter of re-uploading new files.
The final one shall include the GreyMatter importer, and the bookmarklets for as many different javascript-enabled browsers as possible.
michel v @ 22:40:33 278
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While on b2's page, I just clicked on the 'What's Related ?' tab in Mozilla and saw the Daily Doozer, a weblog I used to read daily almost one and a half year ago. Happy surprise that was, I didn't expect Dan Hon's site there : ) 
michel v @ 22:19:01 263
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Ah, you people have hacked versions of b2? why don't you have michel have a look and perhaps incorporate certain cool features into b2? : D 
ian @ 07:24:28 641
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i have made a c backend for b2. it runs on objective c, and there's an applescript to post via http. i don't like the rigmarole about HTTP, and definitely SOAP calls are better...
ian @ 06:53:09 620
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Important bugfix on v0.5 : if you downloaded b2-v0.5-20011005, and found a problem with numerous slashes in your post, either re-download it and change your b2templates.functions.php file, or follow these steps:

Open b2templates.function.php in a text editor, and look for line #135. Replace this line:
echo $postdata["Content"];
with this one:
echo stripslashes($postdata["Content"]);
And that's it, no more extra slashes.
michel v @ 02:08:21 422
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Quick simple addon/fix: added a link to the poster's profile in b2edit so you don't have to go to the Team section for it. Will re-add a My Profile popup in the menu, and polish the Team section.
michel v @ 01:38:37 401
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And more about plagiarism: certainly there are 'bad' plagiarisers, but we have to control it. We cannot be asking for credit all the time. Like Apple is not asking all of you PC users to go on your bended knees and give offerings to Steve Wozniak (the dad of computers)...

And surely many of us b2 users have in some way or another, contributed to b2 code/UI suggestions, so you either i) credit us or ii) pay us. : - ) 
ian @ 07:31:33 646
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In opensource, plagiarism is all around, and more or less used by everyone. For instance, some utilities Apple snipes from FreeBSD installations, do rebuilds and add their names to credits. : ) 

I'm not saying that plagiarism is good, but UNIX would not have survived without plagiarism.

And being opensourced, at least add a disclaimer that if you actually use parts of this software/interface, give credits, instead of not mentioning and complaining when it happens.

Of course everyone appreciates good work, Michel, and I'm sorry if I'm too blunt on this one -- but seriously, it wouldn't be good if you save-guarded all your work, and say "You can't copy my work in any way". How, then, is improvement going to be carried out?

I would suggest the 'take, but give back' strategy -- where you allow people to modify the software and give themselves credit for it -- provided they, in turn, give credit to the original developers, keeping original disclaimers intact in new code/user interface.

Thank you.
ian @ 07:26:03 643
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I fixed some updated versions of the template tags in 0.5.1 so it wouldn't cause errors in your existing pre-0.5.1 templates.
The readme has been updated too, and I'll freeze code landings tonight, leaving only fixes, which means there should be a 0.5.1 release sometime this weekend (for me 'weekend' is sunday+monday).
michel v @ 20:08:58 172
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Just so you know, here's a guy @ termansen.dk, who's using b2's page design and claiming it his own.
While I had no problem about it when his site was just some days old (I thought he would change design to something original), now it's becoming problematic.

A danish friend of mine made a translation of his disclaimer:

Termansen.dk is designed by Jakob Termansen, and made to be viewed in a resolution of 1024*768 with Internet Explorer 5.5+.
The page is made in PHP4 with Microsoft Frontpage XP and Notepad. You are welcome to contact me, if you want more information.
The things on this page must only be taken/re-used with accurate "source of origin", og best include a link to this page as well. : ) 

I especially like the bit that says "with accurate source of design", since he's using MY design + MY news script and not even linking it.
Mr. Jakob Termansen, if you haven't taken down this page by the end of next week I'm contacting your host. Have a nice day.

Thank you for taking down the design, mister Termansen.
michel v @ 19:14:15 134
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Surprise, the GM 2 b2 importer script is finished ! You can find more about it, and apply to beta test it here.
When the beta test phase is over, it'll be downloadable on this page.

Here's another surprise: click this link: (more...)
michel v @ 13:15:40 885
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A quick Hello to our readers from HotScripts.com ! (I re-listed b2 v0.5 after the bug-fixes, so we're back to first page, woohoo)
Unlike last time, you won't be allowed to test and comment the system here, however you're warmly welcomed on the forums, or the IRC channel.

And in other news, I have almost finished a GreyMatter import utility. That should have been a surprise, but I couldn't resist telling the info : ) 
michel v @ 22:21:28 264
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b2 on IRC: today I founded #b2 on the Undernet IRC network, just so we can chat & discuss about b2 and other things. If you need live, instant support, this is the new place to go !
To get there, just use your IRC client and connect to Undernet on eu.undernet.org, then join #b2.
I'll usually be there between 12PM and 2PM, and then 6PM and 2AM, GMT+1 time (that's most of Europe's time). My nickname is Shin-Ma and your host bot is named Kibo.
See you there !
michel v @ 13:11:37 883
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There's now a beta of the little posts' navigator, it has basic functionnality. It brought a bug though: when it's not called, ie at first loading of b2edit.php, it would show ALL the entries since the beginning, which I've tried to fix all the evening to no avail. That kind of bug prevents me from releasing it tonight... Also the UI of it isn't even worked on at the moment, so it looks über weird.

I also just loaded b2 in IE 5, and wow what a mess the Post table is. It's supposed to stretch to the borders, like it does in Mozilla and Opera ! Ah, the burden of testing on standards-compliant things and having to cope with non-standard shit ! I will look into that more seriously now.
michel v @ 01:29:21 395
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just one last time about the blogged indicator.

it doesn't belong where it is. it belongs right in the latest post, at least, to give a better indication to someone that he has posted.

and the search thing is more or less a no-brainer, right?

and one last thing: how come, for so long, none of us at this weblog have failed to realise that there is no navigation for the ten posts previous to those seen in b2edit.php? i thought it would be better than clicking on the archives and trying to figure the right date out. yeah.

i haven't had the latest release of b2 in my hands, so i wonder if the category add/view functions have been integrated -- somehow.

When I get OS X 10.1 I'll show you the various aesthetic bugs in b2, because I deleted Grab from my OS X installation -- meaning that I have to reinstall everything just for that Grab application -- OS X's custom install thing sucks. There's no such thing.
ian @ 14:56:12 955
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oh yeah there is. The login box is still broken, no fix yet.

By the way, I couldn't post to the forum, so if there's anything I'll post it on Prozac.
ian @ 14:31:49 938
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I updated both the v0.5 release file and the nightly one, with quick fixes: there was a bug that displayed mailto:$admin_email instead of the actual email address, and there's the new installer file in v0.5 so the error would be clear when you can't install (the original installer would just skip displaying an error if it can't connect, leading to a confusing "can't create 'post' table" that didn't help at all).
Also, I made a Zip file of the nightly, so you can unzip it if you can't handle the tar.gz one. It's there.
michel v @ 13:55:49 913
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It's been a tough decision, but since the development is slowing down a bit on b2, I will now release nightly b2 releases. These would be the result of today's work.
There'll be no support on these releases, so don't even ask. If you find some bugs please do not cry and complain: report the bugs, that's more effective. : ) 

So with this said, the impatients among you will want to go and download today's release, aka v0.5.1 pre release.
Most behind-the-scene bugs have been fixed there, including some nasty install bugs. However, the template engine has had some changes too, which are not listed in the readme yet, but are used in the sample b2.php file.
michel v @ 23:39:25 319
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I'm currently writing a paper on what I would expect a good blogging system to work with, so as to help Michel get a framework to model b3 on. That is, of course, purely my opinion, and you may or may not use it...

In the works also: a Perl implementation to most current posts on a b2 weblog. I'm not too sure on how to access the raw PHP code functions, though, but I'll try.
ian @ 15:46:48 990
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Hey. I'm just testing this since this is the first time I'm using b2.
angel @ 21:50:25 243
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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
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A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
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