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I was bored with IE's inability to display b2.rss because of é chocking, so now everything that isn't an usual character gets converted to unicode. What it means, is that the system is now truly multilingual, and the RSS would still validate as good RSS even if you use terribly exotic characters like me and my froggie fellows (frenchies) do.

Edit: OK, I figured IE just wouldn't display it because it didn't have a .xml extension. Of course when I view it with a .xml extension it works fine.
michel v @ 20:13:25 217
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Out of the blue, I'll be releasing b2 v0.5.2 tomorrow next friday. It contains all the new stuff that doesn't require database changes, and most of all it contains optimized code, so the pages will be generated way faster (you'll feel a good boost if you have lots of posts).
Also, RSS syndication and the Weblogs.com ping will be there.
(There may even be weekly archives and image uploading if I can squeeze them in.)
michel v @ 01:22:07 432
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CaféLog now (re)generates an RSS file with your last posts. You can specify how many posts to display, and the name of the file.
Here's the RSS file for this blog: b2.rss
michel v @ 13:29:20 937
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The good old template editor got some new feature: a file navigator. It lists the files in the current directory, and lets you navigate in other directories. A click on a filename is all it takes to go edit that file. There are settings to allow/disallow the listing/editing of non-writeable files and the config file, and to allow/disallow the navigation in ../ and other directories that are not in the b2 directory.
There is one bug to fix: on Unix, it would tell you that there's an error when you first load it, that's gonna be a trivial bug to fix.
Because it doesn't use much CaféLog-specific code, I will port it to b2 0.5.x as a hack.

Another update is the bookmarklet in IE, which now will look like the one in Mozilla/NS6: Windows IE will use the non-standard 'filter:' thing, while Mac IE will use a transparent PNG image like in Mozilla.
michel v @ 02:45:59 490
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Here's the development log of a XML-RPC interface for b2 !
This feature should be included in CaféLog 1.0, and maybe in b2 0.5.2 (if I release it) in the meanwhile, with the optimized template tags and mysql fixes. You can now view the page-generation time like this http://cafelog.com/?timer=1 (look to the bottom of the page). For info, the previous time was around 0.9 seconds.
michel v @ 20:40:33 236
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This is a huge performance increase, aswell as a decrease of the mysql queries. This is also something that comes from the upcoming next version, but has been backported. (thanks to Chris for the beta-testing and help on debugging).

So GO THERE and follow the instructions.
michel v @ 23:17:13 345
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...Anyone out there know of any free web page hosts that offer php? If so send the links to Nymphalidae@worldnet.att.net please.
Athena @ 23:09:29 339
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I've found a very simple way to do less mysql queries and speed up the page creation time by 40%. It just caches the results for get_userdata() so that we do not ask for an user's data if it's already been searched earlier; and it can be applied to other functions.
For those of you who have tons of visitors per day, it will put a little less load on your server (not that it put a lot already, but still good to see it lower than higher).
It will be released as a hack for now, then included in the next release.
michel v @ 12:48:02 908
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: abawiXXX@yahoo.com, adgamXXX@aol.com, BAABXXX@aol.com, cutieclXXX@yahoo.com, dnkansXXX@yahoo.com, EfuaciXXX@aol.com, faXXX@myself.com, ginenjuiXXX@yahoo.com, JusNikkiXXX@aol.com, kbekXXX@hotmail.com, mfeldXXX@MIT.edu, moonroXXX@hotmail.com, nanabXXX@yahoo.com, nanayaaXXX@hotmail.com, ndbXXX@hotmail.com, nik_guXXX@hotmail.com, portiaoXXX@hotmail.com, RNAIR20XXX@att.net, SbayXXX@aol.com, shari105XXX@yahoo.com, southpk20XXX@aol.com, suweXXX@yahoo.com, SweetyPie04XXX@aol.com

[ edited by michel v: Yes, b2 automatically makes mailto: links on e-mail addresses : )  ]
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Here for you, in the /releases folder, the b2 converters, compressed as usual in 4 formats so you can pick your own.

Right now there are 'only' GreyMatter and Blogger converter scripts, but I plan on making NewsPro and MovableType converters as soon as I have these two installed and figured how they store the data.

How to use the converter ?
Download, unzip/rar/tar, upload it to your b2 folder, and call it. You only have to follow the instructions given there.
michel v @ 20:21:21 223
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I started coding the Glossary feature, also known as 'Friendly links' on BigBlogTool. This would allow you to specify search-and-replace words, for example to make a link to your friend Mike whenever you type Mike in the post, or to put <!--more--> when you type [more], etc. I'll try to make it possible for Perl regular expressions to be allowed, so the possibilities would be endless (would allow for example [[361]] to be changed to a link to post #361, or to use GreyMatter's underline and bold formatting if you're an user of GM and are used to this feature).
Any suggestion is welcome.
michel v @ 19:54:19 204
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Just to let you know that I've finished coding the CaféLog's powered photoalbum and sent it to Michel for quality control and bug hunting. After that the stand-alone version will be released. As for integration with current CaféLog.com structure, it's up to Michel to decide if he'll do it now or wait for CaféLog's next release.

If you don't have a clue about what I'm talking about, read my last post.

Off-topic request: Michel, it would be nice to have a function that would turn post_ids like [[361]] into this: Post title.
Ricardo @ 22:33:22 314
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The form to submit comments from the admin area is not up-to-date with the one that's on the templates here. Please do not post comments from the admin area, as it would show you errors, and post your comment at the time of the server, which is unlikely to be what you want. Sorry for the inconvenience.
michel v @ 19:14:39 176
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The Forums are back. They were down a day for the upgrade to PhpBB 2, and now they look and feel much better and intuitive. I also took down that remaining dayzero.org link, so if you try to go there it will redirect you to the new url.

As for how the development and user-preferences are going, they're in a haze right now, as I'm searching for a clean way to implement all of these, without the database looking like it's been hacked 25 times. Features count, but a clean database design helps too.
I'm waiting for my friend to finish his redesign of CaféLog.com and maybe I'll base the new UI on it.
Or I can do templates: don't like the UI ? Change the template ! Maybe.

And as a reminder, what you see when you log in here, is an incomplete thing, filled with unknown bugs and inconstistencies, and well known problems that will be fixed in time. It is in no-way intended to be released as it is. Heck, it still has every filename bear 'b2' at the beginning, and that will change too.

My computer's cooling fan is reaching the 110 decibels, so I'll go out now (self-reminder: kick that thing, it always helps).
michel v @ 18:39:44 152
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For those of you who are going to accuse me of persuading Michel to change things the way I like it, don't. Because simply, I don't use b2 on a daily basis any longer.

The feature in question is the prompt that is shown when posting. It can't be turned off, and it doesn't serve as much as a purpose as a Preview button (as suggested by many a user in the forums). Which means that I can type my post, but whether I am typing something that I do not want to remains in question-- which is why a Preview button (which is not made compulsory by default) would serve to be a better alternative.

I understand the kind of flaming that I will receive -- which is why I will distance myself from any ideas toward the development of Cafelog (or any other bugs that I may think that applies) as far as possible in the future--I am certainly not a selfish, unscrupulous maniac.
ian @ 15:34:54 024
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The idea that is forming in my head is a very interesting one. Very interesting indeed.

Since comments on b2 weblogs have the same type of cookies storing name, e-mail and website, why not use just one for every b2 blog there is? Surely you do not give a different name, e-mail or website address for every comment that you give : P 

Interesting prospect. But whether it can be done is still beyond me. I don't do cookies, and don't dream cookies either, but surely it can.

Does this remind us all of .NET? Not really .NET but it could potentially save the end user from a whole lot of typing, could it not.
ian @ 15:21:14 014
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Cafélog powered photoalbum
It's up and working. No database changes, no new functions (except for a drop-down titles menu).
There's also an upload utility that uploads a thumbnail and a big picture and then blogs them, similar to the one in Greymatter.
There will be a different version for uploading a single picture and blog it, for a photoblog for instance.
So far everything works fine except for the escaping backslashes...
Ricardo @ 02:57:25 498
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Michel, is there a function in b2 to collect just the titles of cafelog posts? I'm working on something, and hopefully it will see day of light here.
ian @ 08:09:30 714
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Little status report: improved some template functions with some more optional arguments, coded an highlight search feature, and of course fixed the bug that prevented posting (now that was a stupid bug) (and there'll be javascript redirects from now on, and the user will also be able to choose whether or not s/he wants a popup box to confirm that they post, but hardly a little part of it is implemented yet, wow that's a long parenthesis there). Ian shall see the post title field back to the far left and rejoice, but it was back there a mere 10 days ago and I was too busy/worried to upload the newest files.
Oh, and a new design is on its way !
michel v @ 18:39:46 152
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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
See the ReadMe file for requirements and installation instructions.

Contact info ?
E-mail: m@tidakada.com
Forums: over there. :)

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