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On a notebook I devised some new XMLRPC methods for b2, that would make more stuff possible, like adding/renaming/deleting categories, listing comments and commenting from another website, etc.
These should be part of the b2 API soon when I have actually implemented them, but I have a bigger idea for them: I'll contact other authors of weblog tools to see if we can come up with a discussion over a standard Weblog API for all our tools, so there wouldn't be specific b2, MoveableType, DruPal, etc kinds of clients, but just one Weblog kind of client for all. A bit like the Blogger API, but with a lot more features, to cater with tools that use titles, categories, comments, and other such things that the Blogger API doesn't cover.

In the meanwhile, I'll be offline for a few days again, and then only will I get back to working on b2.

Happy New Year !

( and like we say in Corsica, Buon Capudannu, è Pace è Salute pè u 2002 ! )
michel v @ 01:34:50 440
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Thought I'd be back by wednesday but I'm spending more days with my family, and since I'll be moving next week, I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on my own computer (living at a friend's for a month is not really handy). Enough time to fix some of the latest bugs in 0.5.2 and have it released, though.
As for the forums, I'm currently surfing them while I'm typing this in a cybercafé, and I'll try to reply to as many threads as possible. Also replying e-mails. Please bear with that situation, and enjoy the holidays too !
michel v @ 15:00:57 000
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Merry Christmas everybody =)
Ricardo @ 14:18:52 971
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I'm almost done with the coding of b2 v0.5.2, and I know some of you have been waiting for that new version for a while.
So since I'll be away at my parents' until the 27th for Christmas, I thought I might aswell open v0.5.2 to public testing, and collect the reports once I'm back : ) 
So please go here, register and test that new baby ! If you see any bug or have a request for improvement, please tell me.

The new version features RSS syndication, file/image upload, XML-RPC interface implementing the Blogger API, and lots of performance and customisability fixes.

Note: A 'bug' in XML-RPC Blogger clients makes some of them choke on the blogger.getUsersBlogs method. BlogBuddy doesn't choke when it sees b2 giving him values enclosed between <string> tags, while easyBlog and wapBlogger do. I'll contact the authors about these bugs. In the meanwhile, if you want to use easyBlog, first use blogBuddy to import your blog settings, then copy them from blogbuddy.ini to easyBlog's .ini file.


Oh, I now have a wishlist by the way ; ) 
michel v @ 19:18:28 179
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The file navigator won't be in b2template.php finally. There's a flaw in some shared webhosting companies, that makes it too easy to use the file navigator to check other people's accounts files and directories. So I'm not including the feature, because even if I added some protection in the script itself, it would be too easy to circumvent.
I'd rather just leave that feature alone.
michel v @ 02:27:14 477
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I've got the beginning of a XMLRPC Blogger API implementation now, for v0.5.2. So far, b2's custom xmlrpc server recognizes the methods blogger.newPost, editPost, deletePost, and getUsersBlogs.
This is enough to already post with BlogBuddy, and some other apps.

b2 will ship with the minimum required for XMLRPC, which is the xmlrpc php classes, a xmlrpc server file, and a xmlrpc demo client that would allow you to test the newPost, editPost, and deletePost methods, and show you how xmlrpc calls work.
(Now if only Ev updated his blogger API pages instead of giving updates on the sole BloggerDev mailing-list, it would make my day.)

UPDATE: Now b2 deals with blogger.getUserInfo, getPost, and getRecentPosts. I think there's only the xmlrpc template calls left to implement, and those should be very straightforward.

UPDATE2: Implemented getTemplate and setTemplate, and this means I'm done with the Blogger API. Started coding some b2-specific methods, like b2.getCategories etc; hopefully someone will make a xmlrpc client that supports category and title, or a standard API will come with these, in such case we'd switch to it right away.
michel v @ 18:31:57 147
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Because of a giant headache and various mind-altering disturbances, I haven't been able to do much these last days (save for the upload system, and the multipage posting: one post -> multiple pages).

But what I could do today, is update the list of blogs powered by b2. Now there are over 100, woohoo !

Note: I build this list from bookmarks and emails, and more or less regularly, I go through my 'poweredbyb2' bookmark directory and add the blogs that are relevant (won't add a test blog, or a blog that hasn't been updated since october).
If you told me to add your weblog and that I forgot, or if you want to add your blog to the list, please let me know with an e-mail.
michel v @ 02:27:30 477
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The image upload function is done. You can specify the type of images to allow (gif, jpg, png, more ?...), their maximum size (but you cannot go over the server's limit), where you want to upload them, which minimum level is required (default is 1) or who has the right to upload (just fill a list).
You'll just have to click a button, that opens a popup where you can choose the file to upload. Then it gives you the IMG code you have to use, and lets you click a button to add the code to your post.
michel v @ 18:38:02 151
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Following this thread, I quickly modified shock's code to really integrate it in the interface and now we have a working file uploader for v0.5.2, with some options for customisation in the b2config file.
Still needs some final javascript touches to make it output the <img> tag in the form's text, but this shouldn't take so long.
michel v @ 18:50:36 160
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OK, now this is just plain nasty, Fredrik T., whoever the fuck he is, submitted b2 as his work on linuxd3v, and he even used the description I used on HotScripts !
Someone got to stop this, for b2 is still copyrighted to me, there's no license to allow you to re-release it under your name, and I don't see thievery as a part of Linux values.

OK, solved.
Thank you for all your support, guys !
michel v @ 08:53:06 745
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There's some big change in the template functions, that makes functions like the_content be just gateways to more advanced ones. Let me explain: first we have the_content() which extracts the conent of the post and displays it. The downside for a developer is that if you want to change the way it's displayed, you have to modify it. And if you want several ways to manipulate the data before displaying it, you just can't. Now I made the get_ functions for some functionnalities like title & content: these get_ functions just grab the content, then you can manipulate it as you want: the_content(), for example, now uses get_the_content() and puts html entities then displays it; the_content_unicode() does the same but substitutes with unicode characters.
Basically there is no change for you on the user's side, but if you ever wanted to do advanced stuff with b2, this is a good thing coming your way : ) 
michel v @ 19:27:27 185
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New in 0.5.2: the b2 SideBar - You can now open a little panel on the left of your browser, that works like the bookmarklet. This feature is currently limited to IE5+ and NS6+, since these are the only browsers that have such a capability.
michel v @ 18:27:20 143
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CaféLog has reached its goal of instant page generation, now that I added comments count, post count, and archive strings in the database. Over two weeks, the time it took to build this page came from 0.350 seconds, to 0.001, and the archive generation is just instant now.

I'm tempted to add those 4 fields to b2's db structure for 0.5.2, it would require just a little update script.
What do you think ? Please comment here.
michel v @ 19:15:24 177
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No, I didn't give her permission to use the material on this site. She lied.

OK, sorted out.
michel v @ 18:08:18 130
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Post preview ? Who needs post preview ? Apparently, a lot of you want that feature in b2. I have thus spent my lunch and dinner hours on it.
Now, who needs a preview that only shows the text of the post in the interface ? That's not really useful. I have thus implemented 'realtime' preview, which shows you the post as it would appear on your default template. Requires javascript though, as it builds the preview in a new window while you can still type in your form freely and re-click the 'preview' button for an updated preview, etc.
Now, I'm going to upload all of this and get back on my hungry stomach's duties.
michel v @ 19:40:05 194
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For the upcoming 0.5.2 and CaféLog: added the possibility to display only some categories on your page, or to display all but some of them.

How it works: first line of your blog template, you would add this line: <?php $cat="1and3" ?> to display only categories #1 and #3, or $cat="not2" to display all posts but category #2, or $cat="not2and4" to exclude #2 and #4. Or you can also make that into the querystring, with ?cat=not2and4.
Syntax: put 'and' between two numbers to associate them, and/or 'not' in front of all the string to exclude them.

michel v @ 18:18:49 138
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Off-topic, for my hostees on tidakada.com: I added a bit to phpMyAdmin's code so that you can all use phpMyAdmin on my domain.
This makes it possible for you to benefit of the quite frequent upgrades of this program once they're available. To use it, go there and login with your MySQL username and password. Since the passwords are stored as clear text in a cookie, make sure you use the logout button if you share the computer with other users.
michel v @ 13:55:32 955
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Before I release b2 v0.5.2, I figured I might aswell fix three infamous bugs in v0.5.1, one that forbid the month of december to be shown from an archive link, one that didn't display the author's ID, and the a comments thing that forced people to fill all fields when commenting: look at the new default config file, there is a section named 'comments options' that has a variable to re-activate this feature, and a new variable to let you specify which tags you want to allow in the comments.
Update: I also included the page generation speed fixes.

Check the releases folder. If you're an existing user of b2, just replace your files with the files that are from december (except the default config file, of course).
michel v @ 00:59:03 416
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Hi Michel, so you were missing me? CafeLog/ B2 is superb! I'd write more but this is obviously serious stuff and you might get pissed off!
Babymariah @ 17:06:04 087
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I would think that any essential PHP code in templates should be 'filtered' out by b2 in template editor, except the usual author/e-mail/comment tags. This saves a lot of potential damage to an edited file. When saving the template, b2 checks if the necessary code has been put in place; if not, it does just that but only if one or more author/e-mail/comment tags have been put in the file (to prevent any disasters from occuring should one be just editing a casual file).

Otherwise, it would also be wise to follow the Blogger way. b2 can process the filename (which is put as a preference) and accordingly format the tags. I think this is very much slower and harder to fix than the first one suggested.
ian @ 07:50:10 701
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I could have released an half-assed version of b2 yesterday, since I came back home only then, but I don't want that. I'd prefer a more polished thing that would take some little more days.

Last days have been overly busy and stressful (moving around, and a harddrive crash that made me lose tons of stuff, including but not limited to: $700 worth of freelancing, all my logs, all my mp3, all my websites except most recent b2 files that were on another drive), so really I'd do better without all the whining. If those who whine only paid for b2, I would understand, but alas they don't, so boohoo at them. Watch out for a [[somemoneywebsite]] button, it would give you a legitimate reason to whine.
michel v @ 17:17:14 095
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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
See the ReadMe file for requirements and installation instructions.

Contact info ?
E-mail: m@tidakada.com
Forums: over there. :)

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