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Does fulltext support boolean? I think search engines were built for boolean capabilities. I will try it out myself.

Update: i think it does. i tried it. but again, that four word limitation thing is a little too much for the average user to stand.
ian @ 08:30:12 687
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michel v
It doesn't. It won't until MySQL 4.0
This is why I will just discontinue support of it, it's still too basic of a feature (but it's hella fast!).
28.07.01 @ 12:27:46 852


verbosus - url
why don't you do strlen and verify whether the query is four letters or longer - and then serve the MATCH sql query to the db - or if it's shorter then you use the old and dirty LIKE statement?

BTW: This textarea MUST be made bigger. Writing three words per line is driving me insane.
28.07.01 @ 13:10:32 882


michel v
yup I need to extend this box : )  I do not realize it usually because I'm using Mozilla, which has the very annoying bug of doubling the size of boxes unless you specify a width in pixels.
good suggestion for the search : ) 
but I'll still wait a bit and make it an option. some people still run 3.23.21 and the install script chokes for them when there's fulltext...
28.07.01 @ 13:14:00 884


Jerry - email - url
20.07.04 @ 13:57:09 914


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
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