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I updated both the v0.5 release file and the nightly one, with quick fixes: there was a bug that displayed mailto:$admin_email instead of the actual email address, and there's the new installer file in v0.5 so the error would be clear when you can't install (the original installer would just skip displaying an error if it can't connect, leading to a confusing "can't create 'post' table" that didn't help at all).
Also, I made a Zip file of the nightly, so you can unzip it if you can't handle the tar.gz one. It's there.
michel v @ 13:55:49 913
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Maz - email - url
hrm.. why dont you make the post/edit box bigger? are you planning on putting something else to the side of it? because if you arent i think you should make the box stretch across the screen. there is no point in compacting things unless we have to, right?
04.10.01 @ 08:37:26 692


Maz - email - url
by the way, winrar which is a windows program caz unzip tar's zips' etc.. pretty much any type of compression there is can be uncompressed by it. You should link it here so that you would only have to put out one release of each zip file =]
04.10.01 @ 08:42:50 696


Shao Qi - email - url
Michel, is the upgrading process the same as it's stated in the readme.html in this new zip? If it is, then I will try to do the upgrading myself. Unless I encounter problems, or I shall not trouble you again.
04.10.01 @ 08:59:05 707


michel - email - url
to Maz: I personally don't like it to fit the width of the window, mostly because I feel for high-res users, but in the future there should be something in the Options to change the layout of the interface (colors, size of tables...).
WinRar and WinZip are supposed to open tar.gz files, but not everyone has the latest versions, this is why I put a Zip version up too.

to Shaoqi: no, the upgrading process is tougher than just replacing the files. There are changes in the template engine so some tags would output errors if you don't conform to the new way. Wait and I'll update your template in the same time I update your b2 distro, or wait for me to post a message about the differences between 0.5 and 0.5.1
04.10.01 @ 10:54:17 787


Shao Qi - email - url
Ok michel, then I have to trouble you again to do the upgrading =(
04.10.01 @ 15:25:30 976


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