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In opensource, plagiarism is all around, and more or less used by everyone. For instance, some utilities Apple snipes from FreeBSD installations, do rebuilds and add their names to credits. : ) 

I'm not saying that plagiarism is good, but UNIX would not have survived without plagiarism.

And being opensourced, at least add a disclaimer that if you actually use parts of this software/interface, give credits, instead of not mentioning and complaining when it happens.

Of course everyone appreciates good work, Michel, and I'm sorry if I'm too blunt on this one -- but seriously, it wouldn't be good if you save-guarded all your work, and say "You can't copy my work in any way". How, then, is improvement going to be carried out?

I would suggest the 'take, but give back' strategy -- where you allow people to modify the software and give themselves credit for it -- provided they, in turn, give credit to the original developers, keeping original disclaimers intact in new code/user interface.

Thank you.
ian @ 07:26:03 643
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michel v - email - url
last I know, I offer a news script, not the original design of its page. I just wouldn't have cared if he hadn't written HE designed it. this is not opensource plagiarism, this was blatant use of my work and re-labelling as his.
07.10.01 @ 18:51:17 118


Trace - email - url
I'm with Michel on this. I'm all for open-source and have modified the program to suit myself in some ways - my UI has been tweaked to kingdom come and I've added hacks and various other things. But just because I adapted it to my needs, I wouldn't say I wrote the entire script. That's another matter entirely.
07.10.01 @ 21:46:18 240


Maz - email - url
I would say that having to post a link to b2 on the main page is silly, i do it because im a proud sponsor, but not everyone is. I would never say that i did all the code for my page, for someone to do that is fucked. I mean, i work on a ton of shit so that i can transfer into a better college. i plan on submitting my entire site (minus the porno section) to MIT in hopes of getting in. Now if someone already used my site design, i would look a little silly. same with the news poster. =]
07.10.01 @ 22:12:15 258


jay - email - url
I, myself, have hacked this poor b2 to death and tweaked the UI even more to suit my own tastes and even changed some of the functions to my liking, but if I ever get my new site online I would only be so gracious as to credit Michel for the code and concept.

I'm actually happy I came across b2 because it's been a world of help teaching me the basics of mySQL. I learn by example, and I'd never pass someone else's work off as my own. Just my 2¢ : ) 
08.10.01 @ 05:41:56 570


ian - email - url
i, well, don't use mySQL, but i do use a little perl, c++ and text files : )  i've been having a little blogging script that hooks up to my g4, does mirroring to blogger and b2. anyone interested? : ) 
08.10.01 @ 06:27:18 602


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