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A lot of coding and db upgrading has taken off last night, and it'll be likely that you see weird things displayed on this page in the next days as I'll be putting everything back together, and in the meanwhile switching servers.

Here's good news: there's no b3 anymore, a db upgrade way has been found, that makes multiple blogs possible very easily. Oh and I picked a name from this thread and that will be b2's new name soon (end of next week ?).

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what the fuck is up with Atelier.no, that has a nice little page about how his copyright is sacred while he so conveniently removed my footer copyright notice from his b2's footer and replaced it with a nice Atelier - ©2001 notice on his other site, and also replaced the name and link to b2 on his login page by a link to Atelier.no.

He even had the guts to make an hyperlink to the Norwegian agency for copyright holders ! Needless to say, I contacted these guys.

Since that guy so conveniently ignored my e-mail, and just erased files from their previous locations to put them on pso.no's webroot, I sent a second, corrected, e-mail to Kopinor.no, and I'm decided to sort out the issue quickly.

On a related note, why are copyright infringers so keen on putting a big ass COPYRIGHT section on sites/things they just copied ? This defies common sense...
michel v @ 20:43:51 197
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tj_edit - email
It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess the same applies to theft.

Since you've done all the right stuff to protect your work, best thing to do now is take it as a compliment.

If you had any doubts, now you know: the application/scripts formerly known as B2 are good enough to steal!

Take it light, man, and take care.

19.10.01 @ 21:23:03 224


Ricardo - email
"This defies common sense... "
I don' think so. It makes a lot of sense to me. You see, when you write or do something you have no questions about who it belongs. You don't feel the need to justify your possession or creation. It's your's right? Maybe a little part of you. You will recognize it anywhere.
Robbers have to create that relation to the stuff they steal, they have the compelling need to justify everything to create some sort of connection, an alibi that would make them look like the legitimate owners.
Overprotection it's just a way to do it.

Anyway, this kind of thing makes me mad. I hate those sliming bastards not so much for stealing but for the nerve to shout to the world "it's mine"!

19.10.01 @ 21:41:59 237


Ricardo - email
"best thing to do now is take it as a compliment. "
I'm sorry tj, but to take this as a compliment it's not even a biblical "turn the other cheek".
Michel has to to everything at he's reach to make them recognize the legitimate owner or stop using it.
Forms of action: don't do anything illegal like mail bombing or hacking their site, contact their hosting company, explain the situation, contact their service providers and do the same, ask your attorney to send a cease-and-desist letter, call them by phone and politely explain you will take legal action upon them if they don't change things.
Maybe you should contact a copyright expert too.
19.10.01 @ 21:52:40 244


Trace - email - url
Some people just defy words ... we're behind you if you need some backup : ) 
19.10.01 @ 23:28:34 311


tj_edit - email
Ricardo, I agree. (Next time, read the whole post, buddy). I said "you've done all the right stuff to protect your work." That comes first. I'm not telling him to turn the other cheek. He should do whatever he thinks necessary to protect his work. After that, getting angry and bent out of shape makes sense -- but only for a little while. Staying bent out of shape is just counter productive. Lots of fools and dishonest people in the world, my friend. To you I would say really the same thing as to Michel. Take care, and (when you can), take it light.
20.10.01 @ 01:37:58 401


Shao Qi - email - url
This guy must be an idiot! If he used your script, at least give you some credits. But I feel that what he did was senseless.
20.10.01 @ 02:36:16 441


ian - email - url
michel, that is one of the bad things about opensource programming. if you are thinking about providing a good script for other users to use, then forget about this so-called copyright business.

either you give a compiled version (like a c program, but that's not viable in PHP) or you have opensource without any copyright at all. It doesn't make much sense trying to protect all your code like a hawk because there're tonnes of people who are going to take your code like that. Or register a trademark.

The very operating system you are using, Windoze, was a replication of the original Mac OS, so you know now how the punks at Apple felt for not registering a trademark.
20.10.01 @ 05:05:05 545


ian - email - url
look michel, opensource programmers know this from the start and probably you should get this quickly known yourself. Or register a trademark, provided you have the money. either you copyright and charge for the program (if it's compilable of course) or you just abandon any method of salvaging your 'copyright'. of course b2 qualifies as a copyrighted product, but look at it this way: you will never ever discover all the people who steal your code. never. and even if you are intent on registering a copyright, and want to protect it, you might even end up in the courtroom. come on. ricardo is also right, you shouldn't try to overprotect b2 in any way, one day people will know that it's your product from miles away. apple, for one tried to sue windows (a cheap copy of the mac os' ui elements), but failed because it was too late to do anything about trademarks and copyrights. you have a choice.
20.10.01 @ 05:17:56 554


Edson Medina - email
Your own words on readme.html: "the link is not necessary, but it's greatly appreciated"... If it's not necessary what are you complaining about? If you dont want people to "steal" your work, then dont make it open-source.
20.10.01 @ 07:40:21 653


michel v - email - url
It is not a link problem, Edson. It's the fact that person talks about respecting his copyrights while he just fucks mine. Opensource programming doesn't mean I'm his ho.
20.10.01 @ 10:32:18 772


Am - email - url
I agree with what you've said Michel. It's a question of CLAIMING something belongs to you WHEN IT DOESN'T. And THAT is downright despicable.

If the guy hadn't linked back to B2 but at least hadn't CLAIMED that he owned B2's copyright, then there really would be no problem. I see why you are so mad - the guy has practically taken all the credit for something YOU did.

Sigh. Poor you. That's the thing with coming up with free, openly distributable programmes or un-copyrighted/un-trademarked stuff. Like what Ian mentioned above 'bout Windoze - many people are under the mistaken impression that Bill Gates aka Microsoft *created* the darned programme and conceptualised the whole thing; they aren't aware that Apple was the original brainchild behind it. You should have made it a point to get users to register or something first before being able to download your free B2 software.

But since what's done is done, best thing you can do now is to expose the creep for what he really is.
20.10.01 @ 11:57:54 831


ian - email - url
am is absolutely right. you can always try to take steps to protect your work, but you can never totally prevent its stealing, unless you sell the product, or register a trademark for it -- technically very difficult for a PHP script.
21.10.01 @ 08:17:52 679


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