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If you're seeing this, you're seeing b2 on the new server. You can get back to posting/commenting again, weeee !
As a reminder that this is a development status blog, please be so kind as to redirect your questions and/or bug reports to the forums.
michel v @ 01:49:18 409
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Daynah - email - url
I love the domain name! =) Keep up the great work with the script, cuz you know I love it!
24.10.01 @ 11:22:24 807


Ricardo - email - url
Arghhh! My third choice was Kafelog, I missed by a character =)
Congratulations for the name choice Michel.
On with the development show =)
24.10.01 @ 13:50:52 910


Shao Qi - email - url
LOL, that was fast. You took 4 days to register a domain. =)
24.10.01 @ 16:25:55 017


Shao Qi - email - url
*shucks* I'm dumb! It's just a subdomain from tidakada.com It was just now then I noticed.
24.10.01 @ 16:31:20 021


Ricardo - email - url
A quick question probably not worth of taking to the forum, will the new name have a new design?
24.10.01 @ 19:16:09 136


michel v - email - url
Yes it will. I was 'forced' to use the new URL earlier than scheduled.
24.10.01 @ 20:24:36 183


cheguevara - email
Great name XD
25.10.01 @ 22:44:25 280


Trace - email - url
OK - I commented earlier - where the hell did it go??
25.10.01 @ 23:12:53 300


michel v - email - url
probably went away with the server switch and dns changes : P 
hey cheguevara, thanks for the name : D 
26.10.01 @ 00:38:47 360


Ricardo - email - url
Boy... I bet Maz is disapointed ; ) 
26.10.01 @ 02:02:43 418


Trace - email - url
Nope - wasn't that Michel. I eventually found the new URL on the boards (for some reason, the boards load at the old URL, but the b2 page won't, which is what my comment was about - maybe putting a link to the new url on the board for those of us that are jinxed). Maybe my post was too long? I hit ok, got redirected to the main page and it ate my comment!
26.10.01 @ 02:13:57 426


michel v - email - url
Trace I'm sorry about all this, as I said there has been a lot of DNS problems. I had hoped that I could just change some settings and keep everything at their original URLs, but it was not possible.
26.10.01 @ 11:33:08 814


ian - email - url
you know, i've always always disliked unoriginal names... oh well. cafelog is somewhat better than b2.
26.10.01 @ 17:41:52 070


Trace - email - url
I understand Michel - DNS can be a pain in the ass : )  Besides, you can't disappear forever ... I'll always hunt you down. My suggestion was really for others that wouldn't think to look through the boards as I did - a thread telling them exactly where to go would be handy.

As for Ian ... I like cafelog *G*
26.10.01 @ 23:34:09 315


ian - email - url
it all boils down to personal preference, but sooner or later michel v will be famous. mark my words, fellows.
27.10.01 @ 17:45:07 072


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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
See the ReadMe file for requirements and installation instructions.

Contact info ?
E-mail: m@tidakada.com
Forums: over there. :)

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