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Ah, my requests have been completed. In the name of UI laws, that is.

CaféLog's UI looks weird.

Was about to say that AIM uses the goim thing, but Maz has already said it's more universal. The 'e-mail me comments on this post' and 'Turn URL/e-mail', and even Auto-BR should be relegated back to the options page since it exists ; ) 

Michel, I'm developing a user-end to Cafélog based on AppleScript (I should think it supports HTTP), could I ask how long the cookie lasts before expiring? Would it also be a possibility to log into Cafélog currently from a URI?
ian @ 17:54:04 079
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michel v - email - url
the UI is not finished, it's a work in progress for which constructive critic is welcome.
the user preferences aren't going to the options, because the Options are a section for the admins.
the cookie lasts one year. I made a verification system so that it isn't possible to spoof a cookie. if you're using a shared computer, always do log out, though...
27.10.01 @ 12:54:38 871


Ricardo - email - url
Michel, there's something spooky going on here. I don't know if i'm the only one that is seeing it (sure hope so) but index.php is broken and the witch1.jpg repeats 6 and a half times (and this is the spooky part) on several posts listed on the index.php page but not on all of them.
I know you said not to report the visual bugs but this is bronken for a few days so i'm suspecting this might be a platform and browser specific bug.
28.10.01 @ 01:46:19 407


ian - email - url
yep, on my osx ie the layout is broken on both the front page and the cafelog ui.

i was suspecting that the cookie doesn't last a year, at least on tidakada.com, because after about 15 minutes the thing suddenly expires.
28.10.01 @ 09:33:54 773


Ricardo - email
Just a quick note to say that NS6.2 displays a clean index page without that broken layout problems reported above.
It's a specific IE 5.1.x for OS X problem.
I'll try to hunt it down.
02.11.01 @ 20:46:37 240


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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