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In reference to Ricardo's Javascript fix for OS X on the bookmarklet thing: it doesn't work, and isn't supposed to work in the first place. I don't know what the problem is but one of the guys at the ADC told me that IE doesn't support this JavaScript too well. Maybe it's because I have the beta.

Anyway, his suggested fix was similar to the one I sent to Michel, however it also doesn't work too well... I sent an e-mail to Microsoft. We'll see.
ian @ 08:06:02 712
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Ricardo - email - url
Doesn't work? What happens? On 3 of "my" computers it works fine...
31.10.01 @ 19:07:34 171


Ricardo - email - url
I think I know what happened Ian, the board sometimes strip some characters out so probably you are using a crippled version.
I've made a txt file with the code available at http:/lomoblog.com/bm_mac.txt.sit
Download, copy paste it to somewhere near the others on the b2profile page and try it.
btw, it's not a OS X fix, it's an IE fix. It works both on IE5 on OS9 and on IE5.1.1 (or whatever version comes with 10.1) on OS X.
What beta version of IE do you use?
31.10.01 @ 19:33:33 189


ian - email - url
you aren't using OS X 10.1. i've got two ie browsers one is the current 5.1.3, the other happens to be an internal seed.
01.11.01 @ 06:50:35 660


Ricardo - email - url
Yes, I'm using OS X 10.1.
According to the "about IE" screen, I'm using 5.1.2 so your 5.1.3 copy shold work properly. Anyway, try the bookmarklet on your IE on Classic too.
As I said before, the code on the txt link above should work on both IE for OS X and OS 9.
01.11.01 @ 15:33:47 023


michel v - email - url
Ever wanted to try some other browser ? IE is known to be very non-standard and different from version to version and platform to platform.
Use a standards-compliant one that at least has the decency to support the same stuff on all platforms... Why does the name Mozilla comes to mind ? : ) 
01.11.01 @ 22:41:51 320


Ricardo - email - url
I actually like IE very much. It's very elegant and stable. NS6.1 is nice but it's not "there" yet.. maybe in a .x upgrade =)
I do surf a lot with Opera, second best browser avaliable for OS X, IMHO =)
As for the IE bookmarklets, I was trying to help Ian because they are working on a lot of different macs, no reason to not work on his.
01.11.01 @ 23:06:39 337


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