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Querystring+archive improvements:

  1. m= : I extended the m= behaviour. This is how it will work: when you'll put m=2001, it will search for all posts of 2001, then when you put m=200106 it will search for every post made in June, m=20010606 will search for posts on the 6th of June, then if you search for 2001060600 it will display posts made on that day, between midnight and 1h in the morning (12AM and 1AM, for you AM/PM people out there), then if you want you can ask for m=200106060041 for posts made at 00:41, and then finally, if you're really blunt, you can add two more digits and search for the seconds. How's that for precision ?

  2. w= : New, the week pointer. You can link to posts made a specific week, between 1 and 53 (because there can be a start of a 53th week in the year). You would have to use the m= argument too, for example it could look like this: b2.php?m=2001&w=1, for posts of the 1st week of this year.

  3. weekly archives are on their way, thanks to the w= argument. I have plans for a totally configurable thing, you could have "10/22/2001 to Oct 28 2001" for example: there would be three boxes: the first is a date format box for the first part, the second would be the separator (here: "to"), and the third would be another date format box. You could of course leave one of them blank, and use "week of " as the separator, and "M jS" as the second date format, to have "week of Oct 22nd" as the archive link. That leaves some possibilities to you, doesn't it ?

michel v @ 20:54:37 246
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Ricardo - email - url
Sweet! Very sweet! =) Not only you are addressing a few requests with this improvments, like Shaoqi's or Daynah's weekly archive request as this leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre for things like displaying past or archived entries.
Nice work!! When can we test it? =)
31.10.01 @ 21:25:43 267


Shao Qi - email - url
Wooo! That's cool! I like the weekly archive feature one. Will be very nice! Anyway, Ricardo, I don't seem quite understand your previous post. I'm abit weak in English, sorry =)
01.11.01 @ 06:40:38 653


Maz - email - url
no comment flood protection in the new version??
02.11.01 @ 03:06:53 504


Daynah - email - url
I'm excited! I can't wait to start my group blog soon hehe *hugs* Thank you michel v!!
02.11.01 @ 20:26:29 226


michel v - email - url
Maz, there will be comment flood protection in this new version. I just didn't announce it there yet, as the feature is not clearly defined yet. Just because I don't announce it, doesn't mean it's not there ; ) 
02.11.01 @ 20:31:29 230


ian - email - url
i'm quite annoyed at flood protection, personally.
03.11.01 @ 09:17:20 762


michel v - email - url
Ian, it is a much needed feature for some users, that's why I implement it. If it didn't serve any purpose other than 'hey look at me i'm a leet coder', I wouldn't even have thought of it.
03.11.01 @ 10:52:50 828


Maz - email - url
for example. head over to maztopia.org where there is this continual lamer who does nothing but spam my site.. its quite annoying
03.11.01 @ 20:21:33 223


ian - email - url
okay, sure, but make it an option -- the standard thing.
03.11.01 @ 20:33:32 231


Maz - email - url
of course darling

03.11.01 @ 23:31:24 355


michel v - email - url
It's in the Options page. You can't disable it, but you can make it be 0 seconds, that's like disabling it.
04.11.01 @ 02:18:37 471


Maz - email - url
how long till i can download tihs masterpeice ?
hurry it up code-monkey!
04.11.01 @ 02:36:50 483


michel v - email - url
come back in two weeks, son
04.11.01 @ 04:52:34 578


Maz - email - url
son! $#%$#@%
dont get cocky with me mr europe-pants!
04.11.01 @ 05:45:07 614


ian - email - url
that's not intuitive, code monkey
04.11.01 @ 12:52:31 911


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