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Little status report: improved some template functions with some more optional arguments, coded an highlight search feature, and of course fixed the bug that prevented posting (now that was a stupid bug) (and there'll be javascript redirects from now on, and the user will also be able to choose whether or not s/he wants a popup box to confirm that they post, but hardly a little part of it is implemented yet, wow that's a long parenthesis there). Ian shall see the post title field back to the far left and rejoice, but it was back there a mere 10 days ago and I was too busy/worried to upload the newest files.
Oh, and a new design is on its way !
michel v @ 18:39:46 152
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Mark - email - url
This may be a stupid question, but are the "newest files" online now? Or do I have to wait for the next release to be linked on the right of the main page here at cafelog.com?
07.11.01 @ 13:44:49 947


Ricardo - email - url
You are already listed =)
07.11.01 @ 14:12:15 966


Mark - email - url
Sorry, I think my previous comment was misleading. What I wanted to ask is "how do I get the new functions that are mentioned above?"
07.11.01 @ 17:01:56 084


Ricardo - email - url
I'm the one who has to apologize, I read your question in Z =)
You will have to wait for Michel to pack them up in a nice zip and put it in the releases folder.
A word of caution: the db structure has been changed so it's better to wait for Michel's instructions on how to upgrade safely.
btw, I've "developed" a nice workaround for publishing photo albums using b2. If you're interested drop me a line.
07.11.01 @ 17:34:31 107


michel v - email - url
Ricardo, please put your hack in the Hacks forum : D 
Mark, I'm making changes in quite all the files now, and these changes are dependent on the upgraded db structure, so you could always try cafelog.com/showsource.php , but that wouldn't help you much. (and some things like the template and options pages are completely broken at the moment, while as a whole the files online are usually one or two days older than the offline code)
I'm still not even done with the changes in the db structure, and how to cope with everyone's suggestions, let alone my own ideas...
08.11.01 @ 01:20:26 430


Ricardo - email - url
Michel, my hack was how I told you before but now I've finished an upload utility that uploads a thumbnail and a regular picture at the same time and you can create a blog entry with them.
The problem is that the content textarea is filled with those damn slashes I used before to escape double quotes... any sugestions?
08.11.01 @ 06:38:18 651


Bob - email - url
08.11.01 @ 21:45:04 281


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
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