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Cafélog powered photoalbum
It's up and working. No database changes, no new functions (except for a drop-down titles menu).
There's also an upload utility that uploads a thumbnail and a big picture and then blogs them, similar to the one in Greymatter.
There will be a different version for uploading a single picture and blog it, for a photoblog for instance.
So far everything works fine except for the escaping backslashes...
Ricardo @ 02:57:25 498
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Mark Howells - email - url
Good concept and theory, (as well as some superb photos!).

I'd be a little cautious about building spin-offs (spins-off?) to b2 - perhaps features like this could be developed and then passed to Michel for integration to the main application (if it's a worthwhile and globally-requested feature)? Hacking the system will only weaken it and reduce the bug log that I am sure Michel has.
09.11.01 @ 12:47:58 908


Mark Howells - email - url
That last sentence should read...

"Hacking the system will only weaken it and reduce the effectiveness of the bug log that I am sure Michel has".
09.11.01 @ 12:49:16 909


ian - email - url
mr howells, do you happen to know of a product called 'bugzilla'?

it is inevitable that every hack has bugs. what we could do is to test the hack to verify that it is bug-free before integrating into b2, cafelog (or anything you'd like to call it).

it's spin-offs i think.
09.11.01 @ 15:09:57 006


ian - email - url
i realise my english is so horrible to the point that no one seems to get my point. sorry.
09.11.01 @ 15:12:46 008


Mark Howells - email - url
Ian - I'd like to respond directly, but I can't as you're posting anonymously.

The point that I was trying to make is that Michel is developing the b2 system (I'll call it b2 as that is the name used in the branding of this site). He is making the code, he is making the decisions (albeit with feedback and suggestions from us) and it is his system. If A.N.User takes Michel's code and hacks it - that is to say, adds bespoke functionality and features - then I don't think it's a good idea to then offer these new features directly to the rest of the b2 user group.

If this happens, then users will encounter a large number of problems when trying to integrate a new release of b2 in the future, and it will give Michel (and the rest of us) emormous headaches when trying to fix bugs after applying Michel's upgrades to our systems. By then introducing discussions about how to fix bugs in our hacked versions, this site and community will turn into a PHP / MySQL support forum, rather than a b2 support forum. There are enough sites and forums about which cater to general PHP problems and (no offence to anyone here) they will always do a much better job of it, simply because that is what they are set up for.

We should keep the b2 support forums for support of b2 issues.
09.11.01 @ 16:03:19 043


Ricardo - email - url
Mark, Ian and everyone else that might read this, rest assured that I'm not going to spin off CaféLog, nor releasing the photoalbum/photoblog code on it's own.

As a CaféLog user I have the best interest in it's development, so that kind of action would have an opposite effect to the desired.
I've talked to Michel about integration because they are highly requested features and he agrees that it's the best option.

The photoalbum/photoblog code will be released in two forms, a stand-alone version and integrated on the next version of CaféLog.

I'm polishing the code and when it's done it will be sent to Michel for quality control, testing and bug fixing. Don't forget that Michel is working on a multi-blog CaféLog system and my code was developed on a single user system.

btw, a little word about "my" code. I'm a web designer. I started as a graphic designer but along the way I traded ink for pixels. I "speak" html, css and some dhtml and javascript. I don't know a thing about php. My only abilities as a php programmer are three: I can read, I know how to copy-paste and I don't quit.
"My" code is made of an upload script I found on hotscripts, snips of Michel's code collected from various files and some common sense.
Credit will be given for everyone's work.

Sorry for the long post =)
09.11.01 @ 18:56:02 163


michel v - email - url
nevermind me, I'm testing the comments again. there's a bug. look, there ! squash the bug !
09.11.01 @ 19:08:30 172


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