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I could have released an half-assed version of b2 yesterday, since I came back home only then, but I don't want that. I'd prefer a more polished thing that would take some little more days.

Last days have been overly busy and stressful (moving around, and a harddrive crash that made me lose tons of stuff, including but not limited to: $700 worth of freelancing, all my logs, all my mp3, all my websites except most recent b2 files that were on another drive), so really I'd do better without all the whining. If those who whine only paid for b2, I would understand, but alas they don't, so boohoo at them. Watch out for a [[somemoneywebsite]] button, it would give you a legitimate reason to whine.
michel v @ 17:17:14 095
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tjh - email - url
A wishlist at Amazon.com might also be an idea | option.

Although cash is always nice, some people might be more comfortable with the gift for a gift exchange.

Tobias Ratschiller has one. [A wishlist]. So does Francisco Burzi of PHP Nuke.

On a side note, and this may or may not count as a whine, the output for B2 could very easily by default be XHTML clean / valid. Just a few minor code fixes that I would be happy to do.

If I can get version 5.2 slightly before you release it. [This might delay the release just a day or two].

This won't impair anyone's ability to code as they please, HTML, XHTML, valid or invalid, as they like.

Nor will it impose a design strategy.

It will just by default produce output [from the templates/post functions] that validates.

Btw, phpwebsite promises to do that--but does NOT. Neither of course does Nuke or Post-Nuke.

Michel, be the first kid on your block to have a PHP-MySQL content management system that actually does output valid XHTML!

(A minor--but for some of us--important consideration).

Just send me the pre-release, buddy.

Best, and take care,

03.12.01 @ 17:24:11 100


tjh - email - url
Oops. That ur should be bittersweetmindcandy.com/labrat/
03.12.01 @ 17:26:37 101


Shao Qi - email - url
michel, you updated my b2 yesterday?
04.12.01 @ 00:29:00 395


michel v - email - url
yes Shaoqi. and Ian's too. you now have the core of 0.5.2
04.12.01 @ 02:14:00 468


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