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There's some big change in the template functions, that makes functions like the_content be just gateways to more advanced ones. Let me explain: first we have the_content() which extracts the conent of the post and displays it. The downside for a developer is that if you want to change the way it's displayed, you have to modify it. And if you want several ways to manipulate the data before displaying it, you just can't. Now I made the get_ functions for some functionnalities like title & content: these get_ functions just grab the content, then you can manipulate it as you want: the_content(), for example, now uses get_the_content() and puts html entities then displays it; the_content_unicode() does the same but substitutes with unicode characters.
Basically there is no change for you on the user's side, but if you ever wanted to do advanced stuff with b2, this is a good thing coming your way : ) 
michel v @ 19:27:27 185
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chris - email - url
completely not related to your post michel.... yknow how my cookies dont work for my main blog? but they do for the other one? well, i think its cos the index isnt in the same folder as the rest of the b2 files. cos when i check comments thru the login, it has all my details.

not sure if thats any use - maybe other people have the same problem with IE and b2 cookies?
14.12.01 @ 02:03:21 460


tj_edit - email - url
That's a great thing coming our way.

I did a few sites back when I was in Japan. Getting various professional documents online for my place of work.

Supporing different charsets, designing for this -- working around that. What an absolute nightmare!

As anyone who has had to develop/design multilingual sites knows, there's really NO such thing as the WWW.

But with unicode, the true WWW is possible.

Right now, I double check my blog entries for unicode compliance. Writing/scipting offline, if need be.

Anything that helps me keep the site XHTML/XML clean, is very welcome | most welcome news.

Coolness, Michel! This blogger is getting ready for some truly primetime action.
14.12.01 @ 05:09:44 590


michel v - email - url
chris, you should make a copy of b2comments.php, name it b2comments.phps, and let me look at it. on your blog, the cookies are stored, it's just that their values aren't displayed in the form...
14.12.01 @ 09:43:44 780


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