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OK, now this is just plain nasty, Fredrik T., whoever the fuck he is, submitted b2 as his work on linuxd3v, and he even used the description I used on HotScripts !
Someone got to stop this, for b2 is still copyrighted to me, there's no license to allow you to re-release it under your name, and I don't see thievery as a part of Linux values.

OK, solved.
Thank you for all your support, guys !
michel v @ 08:53:06 745
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ian - email - url
okay. this is despicable. why don't you try to contact the site owner about this.

one sucker released a cocoa app that i made the other day under his own name.
14.12.01 @ 10:36:10 816


Shao Qi - email - url
Ahh, another idiot who grab people's work as his own.
14.12.01 @ 10:48:37 825


michel v - email - url
ian, it seems the guy IS the site owner. I'd rather contact their host.
14.12.01 @ 10:54:10 829


oneafrikan - email - url
fully. would "santioned hacking" qualify in a court of law??
14.12.01 @ 16:04:55 045


oneafrikan - email - url
PS - looks like he's "used" the Freshmeat.net design and layout as well...
14.12.01 @ 16:11:15 049


Mark Howells - email - url
Everybody contact him with a news article about breach of copyright - http://linuxd3v.net/submit.php.
14.12.01 @ 20:08:14 214


tj_edit - email - url
Re: Mark Howell's excellent suggestion.

Servers have logs. The history/development of B2/Cafelog is *very easy to document.

It might help if more b2/Cafelog users would remind "Fredik T" of this.

I sent him a request that he should either (1) remove b2.blog, or (2) give Michel V. full credit and give the copyright notice.

If a decent number of people/ B2 users contact him . . .

But who know how these people think.

Still, it's worth a try.

If you're reading this and not yet contacted "Fredrik T", please do.

14.12.01 @ 20:19:49 222


linuxd3v webmaster - email - url

I am the webmaster and project admin of linuxd3v.net
I deeply apologize for the rude theft that one of our developers have made, he annonced his project to us, and we accepted. Sadly it was your program who was ripped off.

I can assur you that we take FULL distance from any forgery.

Oh yeah, he was instantly kicked from the crew the minut this was discovered.

Also, thanks to you for your submissions, or this would have caused an even deeper scandle.

Hope you accept our appologiez and we promise to be more active in the future projects.

Vincent English
linuxd3v webmaster
14.12.01 @ 22:52:03 327


oneafrikan - email - url
nice one ; - ) 
14.12.01 @ 22:58:12 332


Ricardo - email - url
Finally ... a happy ending =)
Thanks Mr E
15.12.01 @ 01:59:49 458


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