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On a notebook I devised some new XMLRPC methods for b2, that would make more stuff possible, like adding/renaming/deleting categories, listing comments and commenting from another website, etc.
These should be part of the b2 API soon when I have actually implemented them, but I have a bigger idea for them: I'll contact other authors of weblog tools to see if we can come up with a discussion over a standard Weblog API for all our tools, so there wouldn't be specific b2, MoveableType, DruPal, etc kinds of clients, but just one Weblog kind of client for all. A bit like the Blogger API, but with a lot more features, to cater with tools that use titles, categories, comments, and other such things that the Blogger API doesn't cover.

In the meanwhile, I'll be offline for a few days again, and then only will I get back to working on b2.

Happy New Year !

( and like we say in Corsica, Buon Capudannu, è Pace è Salute pè u 2002 ! )
michel v @ 01:34:50 440
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Shao Qi - email - url
Happy New Year to everyone here!
31.12.01 @ 16:55:55 080


ian - email - url
honestly, this doesn't make sense to me. but i don't get what you mean either : D 

are you saying that you want to form a group to make an api that makes standard methods for everyone? you might be tempted to make an opensource bundle of xml-rpc methods and release it yourself (since you have the code already). heh. heh.
01.01.02 @ 13:36:09 941


tj_edit - email - url
Happy New Year to one and all!
01.01.02 @ 18:27:58 144


jonny - email
god nytt år!.... happy GNU year : ) 
01.01.02 @ 23:40:29 361


michel v - email - url
Ian, XML-RPC methods aren't really code. They are just guidelines, and allow for many ways to implement them. For example you can see the Blogger API there, which doesn't show any code except XML call and response. Up to Ev to code the ASP for it, to the Trotts (for example) to code the Perl, to me to code the PHP, etc
The goal would be to have such an API, but extended and standard to all weblog tools (that Blogger could support too).
02.01.02 @ 18:23:56 141


ian - email - url
what i meant was you could use your own PHP code on the methods to create the API itself and await the ports.

anyway, 20 seconds after i put in that comment, i realised that xml-rpc are just lines of xml code fed to servers. heh.
04.01.02 @ 15:42:02 029


ian - email - url
most of all, it wouldn't be *very* appealing for any one of them to do participate anyway, other than the fact that clients can support different blogging software. and clients have different features.
04.01.02 @ 15:43:43 030


michel v - email - url
but with most blogging scripts supporting the same features, one might think it's more useful not to have to code a client for each and every one of them : ) 
04.01.02 @ 17:04:12 086


richa - email - url
this is a groovey concept.
congrats on it all
happy new year
05.01.02 @ 07:51:56 702


YoYoFREAK! - email - url
Just having fun with your awesome blogging script.
06.01.02 @ 01:51:25 452


tester - email - url
comment? none..just testing
30.01.02 @ 04:45:07 572


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