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I don’t know whether this place is the best to post such a link, anyway there seems to be a new b2/cafelog competitor. While it won’t be free (but a 40$ shareware), it seem to have a quite impressive feature list. This is just to say that Michel deserves even more credit, giving his code away completely for free. (BTW: which licence is b2/cafelog distributed with? GNU/GPL?)
verbosus @ 20:43:51 238
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tj_edit - email - url
Michel has talked about | apparently, is still deciding on the exact Open Source License for B2/CafeLog.

As for pMachine, it's a very slick site. No code yet. Also no hint of how truly customizable the client output will be. The hyped pBlock more a gimmick than anything useful.

On the client output side, speaking only for myself, what I want is valid XHTML (for XML), CSS for layout, and support for WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative).

I've got that all right now, albeit with a little tinkering, with B2/CafeLog.

What I find amusing about pMachine is that the guy has banners for it, and other download stuff but no actual product yet. He definitely know how to promote. Whether or not he knows how to deliver is another story.

So far it just looks like Nuke-lite. Without even an attempt at standards-compliant design. Not for me.

Best to all,
11.01.02 @ 22:48:21 325


Chester - email - url
I do like the fact that he allows you to turn on/off the membership requirement for commenting. Does anyone know if that'll be a feature in the new version of b2?
11.01.02 @ 23:33:17 356


tj_edit - email - url
My bad on one point (maybe). He does say that it's very customizable.

But I don't know the default output, and the homepage employs a typical table layout.

Other tools that claim to be customizable are really just "theme-able".

A good point about all the features offered, though.

Best to all,

12.01.02 @ 01:04:09 419


ian - email - url
i can already see the various problems with the pmachine ui... but it's really professional looking.

and if i remember correctly, michel never released b2 with any from of license.
12.01.02 @ 20:22:36 224


michel v - email - url
You can use b2 for free, even if your site is of commercial nature. You're welcomed to buy me items from my Amazon.com wishlist if you're going to make much money from your b2-powered site or if you just like b2.
You can edit b2's source code.
You can re-distribute a modified or original version of b2. In no way your modifications make you author or co-author of the modified version, I'll remain b2's sole author and copyright holder.
Any help is welcomed. Feel free to submit fixes and enhancements, they might get in b2's code and your name or email address will be there as credit in the source code.

I guess this makes a b2 license for now.
13.01.02 @ 13:20:54 931


Jack D. - email - url
I do wish there was a way for michel to make some cash off this though. I understand the idea of open source and yada yada yada... but, I still think someone could come up with something clever for him to bank on while still offering free code. Maybe I care to much about $$$? Perhaps.

Anyway, count on something from your Amazon wishlist to arrive at your door sometime in the near future. Your efforts and courtesy have not gone over-looked.

ps. technolicious.com will be functional again next week when I switch hosts.
14.01.02 @ 19:38:48 193


tj_edit - email - url
Was right the first time. pMachine is a nuke-lite, although very nicely done.

Default output: HTML 4.0, more or less. Hard coded into layout tables. For some people, the standard solution -- for me, an absolute mess.

No chance of a pMachine site working with the multi-device web or supporting WAI.

If you want | need valid XHTML and real XML, plus CSS (and possibly XSL) for layout | presentation, then pMachine is definitely not a solution.

But if you're only web publishing, and don't give a damn about document structure or life-span, then pMachine is a very nice solution. Vey finished and polished. Easy to use.

A lot of hard work on his part, but so 1998 in output | understanding of the medium.

Best to all,
21.01.02 @ 20:09:18 214


OmoBob - email

No tables. Valid XHTML. CSS.

20.03.02 @ 03:36:11 525


Mike - email
You guys have it totally wrong. Not surprising since most of the comments on this page are pure speculation. I tested pmachine. The weblog you get with it is validated xhtml. VERY nice CMS.
03.04.02 @ 21:32:07 272


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