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Development is going fine and there's only a thing preventing me from releasing b2's new 0.5.2 version. So I might aswell do a pre-release, while I fix the thing. It's something to do with cookies, it just won't log you back in like it does in CafeLog (for example when I reboot I'm still logged in), so actually you wouldn't notice the change from 0.5.1

How about it ? Anyone interested by a pre-release ?
michel v @ 21:04:39 253
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Ricardo - email - url
I am =) With all the instalation hopings I do, I never noticed the benefits of a working cookie.
24.01.02 @ 22:38:07 318


tj_edit - email - url
I'd be interested as well.
25.01.02 @ 02:14:31 468


Aaron - email - url
I would love to see a prerelease. I've drooled so much over the new features that my mouth has gone dry!
25.01.02 @ 04:50:17 576


gurukast - email - url
cookie explains why my comments fields are always my info now?
25.01.02 @ 09:45:42 781


David Stubbings - email - url
I'd be interested to give it a try
25.01.02 @ 10:18:05 804


esp - email
YES!!! Please publish it...
btw - why cannot the "releases folder" be viewed? I keep on getting an error message when i try to open it...
25.01.02 @ 15:09:32 006


can\\\\\\\'t dl - email
rel me baby
27.01.02 @ 09:24:48 767


Tim - email - url
i'd be interested mike. I'm starting to use my blog again for my french journal, and it would be cool to take a look at the latest edition.
28.01.02 @ 01:16:01 427


Shi - email - url
You ~know~ I want to try it! =) *turns stalkerish* Pretty please? *pats big brown eyes at you* hehehe.
28.01.02 @ 14:48:17 991


b2 me and u - email
hehe hmm 0.5.2 for me and you pleaeez
28.01.02 @ 22:09:55 298


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
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