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This is a test of the post-via-email function of B2!
imeridian @ 02:32:37 480
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michel v - email - url
It worked ! Woohoo ! Now there are only details to fix and then any b2 user, with a server that can have a cronjob, could post by email !
21.03.02 @ 02:47:19 491


yay - email - url
YAY! : ) 
21.03.02 @ 03:01:04 500


John - url
Wow! I mostly check my emails whenever I'm online, so this feature is really great!
21.03.02 @ 03:46:19 532


Im just testing this thing! It loks great!
21.03.02 @ 10:10:13 798


lauryn - url
this is cool feature...woohoo .
22.03.02 @ 15:28:12 019


dodo - email - url
you rock michel!
23.03.02 @ 01:51:24 452


Joysha - url
Now can you do one where you can blog from AIM? hehe..not asking for too much. The email thing rocks too!
23.03.02 @ 16:24:22 058


John - url
hehe. pretty soon in the future there will be a telepathic option to transfer the information from your mind when you think to your web log. lol. *ducks from the tomatoes thrown at him*
23.03.02 @ 21:58:19 290


Desiree - email - url
Oh now John, that does sound AWESOME!!
24.03.02 @ 06:18:12 637


eric - email - url
Maybe I am missing something obvious, but how is this accomplished? How do I implement?
24.03.02 @ 09:42:58 779


imeridian - email - url
It's currently in development... not yet released.
24.03.02 @ 10:03:04 793


michel v - email - url
Eric, this was just a test ; ) 
The bit of script used was not even secure, anyone could forge the From: field and post there, since it would check who you are from the email address you used.
The new version asks you to put "login:password" as the first line of the email so that you could blog with any email address while still being secured from imposters : ) 
25.03.02 @ 11:55:56 872


michel v - email - url
By the way, to use this you must use/create a POP3 mailbox just for this purpose and run the script in a cronjob (or alternatively, use some site monitoring service with the URL of the script).
25.03.02 @ 11:57:14 873


Jon - url
Hey, thats really neat-o!
26.03.02 @ 03:12:08 508


Fiona - url
woo! can't wait to be able to blog straight from my studentmail : ) 
27.03.02 @ 03:39:18 527


G.O. Jensen - url
Hm, oki, maybe I'm stupid or something... but when will *we* see this feature in b2?
27.03.02 @ 18:30:56 146


michel v - email - url
When it's ready.
27.03.02 @ 21:30:59 271


b2 me and u - email
Sorry I have been away for a while hehe this was kinda my idea so I could post to my website from my cellphone...
29.03.02 @ 05:09:18 589


Ryan - email - url
thats cooling...
01.04.02 @ 11:17:21 845


Inspeckta Gadget
this is pretty dope man...
24.05.02 @ 01:25:00 392


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