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There's was a security bug in b2 up until now. It allows very nasty things, so you are advised to:

UPDATE TO 0.6pre4 NOW !

Downloads are there.
michel v @ 03:39:24 485
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Vinh - email - url
Updated all good : ) 
14.08.02 @ 04:21:42 515


GamerZ - email - url
what bug is it? which file it affects? i just updated.
14.08.02 @ 04:51:24 535


Alvin - email - url
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in /mnt/host-users/alvin/b2-include/xmlrpc.inc on line 1058

14.08.02 @ 10:01:12 750


Fiona - email
they're not gonna say that gamerz... cos then people will be able to exploit it
14.08.02 @ 15:13:49 967


GameZ - email - url
ops =x lol
14.08.02 @ 17:38:59 068


Jim - email
Do modified template files have to be re-done or is the bug elsewhere?
15.08.02 @ 21:02:48 210


Mafia - email - url
Was it in the previous 0.6pre4??? I upload to 0.6pre4 first day it appeared.

Tell me if I should install again 0.6pre4.

Just one more thing.. I do not like the new way we have to enter the links in b2login... was better before...

15.08.02 @ 21:04:09 211


michel v - email - url
Yes, it was in the previous 0.6pre4 - which is why I changed the date on the archive.

No, you don't have to modify your templates, though you have to use the new b2archives.php.
15.08.02 @ 21:07:56 213


michel v - email - url
Alvin, with the new xmlrpc.inc file, it shouldn't give you this error...
15.08.02 @ 21:09:04 214


Mafia - email - url
Thxs, I checked the CVS repository and found the bug!.Thanks anyway.

On the other hand, I do not like to much the new way of including the link... It gives more work with the JS - POP UP, it only post the links at the end of the blog... and there is another bug with some links that have extrange caracters... because the links does not work with the new system... I have to modify it again.... check the LINK option in b2.editform with this link and you will see that it does not work.

16.08.02 @ 11:11:47 799


michel v - email - url
Your link works perfectly here...
16.08.02 @ 11:25:02 809


Mafia - email - url
It does but not if you put that with as a blog with the new link system, quicktags.js ( I liked more the other system ).
16.08.02 @ 18:45:14 114


al - email - url
would be possible to include the "Read more" thing in future versions?
17.08.02 @ 16:24:43 017


GuardianAli - email
Can someone help..my b2blog works beautifully, but the first time a comment is made about a post.it gives errors..but the first msg still gets posted. Then every other comment after posts fine with no errors. why??
18.08.02 @ 08:12:18 675


Tanner - email - url
@ al - just type where the more-link should appear, in your post.
19.08.02 @ 17:46:27 073


Tanner - email - url
nice - no italc-tag

type for break
19.08.02 @ 17:48:00 075


gaile - email - url
I love the new b2, but everytime I edit a post, it keeps giving me errors and it doesn't apply it to my log. I have to keep making new entries and deleting the ones I couldn't edit. The ones that keep giving me problems is when I edit a URL in the post. *thinks* ..

Overall, it's great. keep up the great work, michael. : )  take care.
20.08.02 @ 04:25:58 518


Alex - email - url
I have just done an install on the latest release... on the team management page there is a \n just bellow the title bar??
23.08.02 @ 10:12:06 758


whiskerz - email
i hate to mess up a good thing. I hope I do not get errors.
24.08.02 @ 02:57:25 456


Daynah - email - url
Alex, check the support forum. You have to edit b2vars.php to take out the extra \n. : ) 
25.08.02 @ 21:02:33 210


Misato - email - url
So...I just need to d/l those 4-something files, upload, and it'll all be fixed?
31.08.02 @ 01:19:39 388


Davezilla - email - url
I love the update, and had no install problems. Great work Michel!
02.09.02 @ 06:35:49 608


ling - email - url
Your link works perfectly here...
22.03.03 @ 21:31:22 271


Mike - email - url
29.08.03 @ 01:23:45 391


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
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