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Tim Conner just released version 1.3 of BlogApp, a Mac OS X blog client, now with support for the b2 API (note: you need a little tweak in b2 for that, that will be fixed in the next b2 release).
I really wish I had a Mac with OS X : P 
michel v @ 16:08:21 005
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indi - email - url
Hmmmm, you do need a Mac.
19.09.02 @ 22:27:00 268


heather - email - url
Hi! love b2 and I love this site and the forum, I have a question, I keep submitting to be on the updated list and theradon blog list, but I never recieved a username or password or anything, is there a certain reason for this? Cuz my blog is run by B2
19.09.02 @ 22:32:32 272


michel v - email - url
hi heather, I update these lists by hand, and lately I'm very busy so I'm not updating them. You should receive an email when you're included in the updates list, don't worry.
19.09.02 @ 22:34:33 273


heather - email - url
thanks Im sorry to be a bother : ) 
24.09.02 @ 13:20:43 889


beleg - email - url
everybody needs a mac ; ) 
05.12.02 @ 20:05:15 211


the download for b2 (.zip) at sourceforge.net doesn't work.
02.01.03 @ 07:19:57 680


Raven Lee - email - url
If everyone in the world used Mac OS X, a dual 1.42 Ghz PowerMac G4 with 2 GB's of ram and a 4 disk raid external firewire raid with 120 GB. hard drives, Apache, MySql and b2, then we would have universal health care and world peace.

Okay, maybe that's kind of a stretch.
We probably wouldn't get universal health care.
16.04.03 @ 05:48:13 575


Moses - email - url
Who needs a mac?
You need an intel and a linux (or even better BSD)
30.10.03 @ 15:57:10 039


What happened to BlogApp's website? Did they disappear? It wouldn't come up at all and I wonder if it can handle multi accounts rather than re-typing?
02.11.03 @ 04:53:52 579


Raven Lee - email - url
"Who needs a mac? You need an intel and a linux (or even better BSD)"

Dumbass. Mac OS X is the most popular and widespread BSD OS out there.

Obviously you don't know that Jordan Hubbard, the creator of FreeBSD, is now manager of Apple's BSD technologies group.

Ignorance is bliss.
26.12.03 @ 08:37:39 734


comment sfsdf asdfasdf aasdfasdf
05.05.04 @ 15:37:54 984


Alexis - email - url
Hi. U know there is a spanish update or template for B2?
Thanks fellows!!
27.06.04 @ 19:58:07 165


Jo - url
17.07.04 @ 00:42:08 362


Zeus - email - url
This software is not available at the link above. Try http://www.objectivelabs.com/blogapp.php for more up to date link.
17.07.04 @ 04:18:22 512


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A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

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