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Michel was last seen more than two months ago. A lot of people, like myself, is looking for him.
If anyone has any information about him, please share it.

In any case, please stop testing stuff here.
Ricardo @ 02:03:31 460
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Ben S - email - url
I last saw him heading to the airport shouting "hawaii, naked gurlies" : ) 

Or is that what I woould like ; ) 
17.03.03 @ 08:28:56 728


Lele - url
I just spoke to him a couple weeks ago.. he pops in and out. : )  He's still around! Have faith:p
18.03.03 @ 04:44:19 572


Elliot - email - url
How do you get posting privileges here? ; ) 
19.03.03 @ 06:39:35 652


ammm - email - url
Who the heck is Michael?
19.03.03 @ 12:11:35 883


Koku - url
Yeah..who the heck is Michael? I thought we were talking about Michel? ; ) 
20.03.03 @ 02:58:54 499


nizorc - url
Micharl is the author of b2.

Michael last active in forum Fri Nov 29, 2002
20.03.03 @ 16:33:29 064


HotShot - email - url
I guess he's somewhere in Corsica, working on html/php for some boring company... he sent a postcard to his sister for her birthday last week... well... alive... IT'S ALIVE !!!!
BTW his name is Michel, not Michael =)
21.03.03 @ 01:53:09 453


Austin - email
Good to hear Michel's around, but if you see or talk to him--anyone--tell him to check his PayPal account, because I sent him a donation : - )  very recently, but never heard from him and do not know if he received it successfully.
21.03.03 @ 16:40:36 069


HotShot - email - url
OK, I'll try to contact him and tell him to check this page and his bank account : D 
21.03.03 @ 17:32:42 106


Senia - email
Hello people! i'm michel's sister and i have news by phone (so i live in paris and he's in corsica) he's alive ! alive !! i know he is not very present, he said to me that he need that, to find a job and know what he wants to do i think, so i'm only his sister i can't do anything for that and i said to him to be connected on IRC, msn, and also for his website .. i promise you to repeat that to him ok :p
don't worry ...
21.03.03 @ 18:57:54 165


FP - email
A good thing that Michel is still alive! Are there still certain erea's where development is wanted? I'm shopping around for a new pet-project : - ) 
23.03.03 @ 20:26:52 226


name Rak
I think I saw him in North Dakota. I was waiting for a train, adn as it blew past right throught he station he was was on top strattlind it like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. YEEEE-FUCKINGHAAAH was all I heard as it whooshed past.
25.03.03 @ 02:33:20 481


rick - email - url
senia- please pass on to michel that not only has he created a really nice piece of software, but he has also inadvertently built a commmunity (that's right...3 M's) of people, a sort of commonwealth on the blogosphere. I don't know him the slightest bit, but I wish him well and hope that any soul searching or vision quest (or vision exodus?!) he has embarked on helps him find what he needs. Yet also allows him to tie up any loose ends that he leaves behind. cheers.
25.03.03 @ 05:01:26 584


Daynah - url
I miss talking to Michel!! I hope he gets on aim soon. : ) 
26.03.03 @ 00:50:09 409


Elliot - url
AIM? What is his screenname?
28.03.03 @ 07:19:31 680


Will - url
I saw him on ICQ the day before yesterday I think it was. And in IRC the day before that... Which were the days when the site was down and out a bit.
02.04.03 @ 13:30:59 938


when he does finaly turn up can sombody please ask were elvis is ?
02.04.03 @ 13:46:08 948


ryder - email - url
yup, i didn't realize how attached i was to the b2 message boards and to b2 itself until the community was offline...and now, it's back... it's so beautiful!... excuse the tears ...
02.04.03 @ 19:55:12 205


Daan - email - url
Very very irritating this page being down for the last day's
02.04.03 @ 22:21:06 306


Raul - email - url
I saw him on Php-princess Irc yesterday. He seemed good. : D 
02.04.03 @ 23:41:16 361


Tony - url
Michel posted in the b2 announcement thread yesterday I believe. He's back and making changes : ) 
03.04.03 @ 15:15:30 010


why cant you do this in b2?
05.04.03 @ 03:48:45 533


Alice - email - url
With Michel in Corsica, who's running the show? I want my URL added to the update list...DESPERATELY.
05.04.03 @ 20:29:17 228


Raul - email - url
Hey you can wait. He has a life you know : P 
06.04.03 @ 00:07:31 380


polo le héros
Personne ne parle le français ici ? C'est choquant....
09.04.03 @ 23:44:21 322


n3o - url
Sisi ... t'inquiéte pas ...
10.04.03 @ 12:35:34 858


Tania - email - url
Hey everyone! I'm new to b2...can you please e-mail me with how to use it? Thanx! Also if you know how to get it like www.greedyanimal.com 's blog...how the comments open up in a new window and it only has the comments? Thank you people!
12.04.03 @ 07:54:00 662


Tania - email - url
: D 
12.04.03 @ 08:07:19 671


Sebastian - email - url

Why don´t you look in the Forum? I´m shure your questions are already answered. As far as I know, in the standart installation the comments are opening in popups already.
15.04.03 @ 00:10:21 340


matriarchy - email
Anyone heard from Michel yet? His last post was 6 weeks ago. I want to install and promote b2 in two projects (one affiliated with a UN women's project).. but I am nervous aobut doing so if there will be no developer support available. I am sure he knows that b2 is including in the Fantastico auto-installer bundled with the cPanel virtual hosting tool. I want to write an blogging article for hosting clients. Michel? You going to be around?
21.04.03 @ 03:47:53 491


Alice - email - url
Is Michel done having a life yet? ; ) 
22.04.03 @ 13:25:50 892


Iva - url
*looks at Corsica which is 100 km away from here*

No, but he must be having a good reason...maybe a new version; ) ?
24.04.03 @ 02:03:36 419


29.04.03 @ 06:00:17 583


DocFusion - email
So... Still dead Michel ? b2 1.0 will be released one day ? Or should I start my blog with b2 0.6 ?
03.05.03 @ 00:08:20 339


Albert Benzer - url
Just get started and whatever you need to add, add and share in the hack section at the forums. That's the way it works Doc.
03.05.03 @ 15:10:51 965


Daan - email - url
when is this message gonna change

"Don't worry, everything will be back, with a new design and URL, in a few days. : )  - Michel Valdrighi "
03.05.03 @ 17:28:53 061


polo le héro
ça me semble être une bonne nouvelle...
03.05.03 @ 20:20:58 181


"ça me semble être une bonne nouvelle..."
...except for the matter of fact that this message hasn't changed for more than 4 weeks, afaik.
@tania: readme.html... ; ) 
@matriarchy: I wouldn't worry: There are people helping out, just check the "How To" board. : ) 
04.05.03 @ 13:14:24 885


Henry Hargrove - email - url
So, at first it started off with me not worrying about where Michel really is. Then it was an idea to have some people independently implement the subcategories into the db. Now, I am actually concerned. I know I don't know him personally but if any of you do, please check in on him and make sure he is ok.

I started feeling that since we don't all necessarily know about what happens in our real life unless we post an occasional post or comment, anythnig could of happened to him. So I guess I am saynig I hope you are all right and that people in the real world are taking care of you.

Hrm... just thought I'd comment on that. Note, I think its been almost 5 months since he last popped up online. In the US, when someone is missing for 5 months, that usually mean runaway, dead, or spiritual journey.
05.05.03 @ 03:02:22 459


Jim - email - url
Who are you on about again? I am very slow.
06.05.03 @ 21:45:06 239


soda - url
what does this have over GM?
09.05.03 @ 20:17:13 178


Iva - url
Soda...you obviously don't know stuff. GM eats your disk space and it's also very slow. B2 rocks.
16.05.03 @ 00:37:38 359


nothing under the sun about Michel ???
20.05.03 @ 00:55:05 371


Guz - email
Hmmm... missing developer? Not good. Not good. Will b2 developmet be discontinued?
22.05.03 @ 01:35:57 399


datagram40 - url
I love b2! It is the bomb. Are we still missing the developer?
22.05.03 @ 12:19:39 846


Polo le héros
Salut les ptits loups.. Salapète ????
I sont trop sérieux les ricains..
24.05.03 @ 22:32:55 272


Damita - email - url
02.06.03 @ 14:14:34 926


thierry - email
I was michel's friend before he disappears, I leave in Corsica too and i have no news about him since a lot of months. Please !!! if anyone have some news about Michel, could he writes me as soon as possible ? t.donati@wanadoo.fr
Michel si tu lis ce message , saches que je ne suis pas encore inquiet à ton sujet mais cela ne saurait tarder.
20.06.03 @ 20:25:48 184


cool man
30.08.03 @ 09:53:18 745


Shaheen Ghiassy - email
I think I finally found the blogger tool I have been looking for.

Thank you
11.11.03 @ 03:24:40 517


how can I insert an image?
15.12.03 @ 03:52:25 536


Elliot Lee - email - url
Well, looks like everything is figured out.
13.05.04 @ 06:35:21 607


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