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i waited. and here i am. i'm going to suggest e-mailing in posts because that's what i missed most after dumping radio userland.
ian @ 12:11:39 841
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michel v - email - url
E-mailing posts... takes some cron-job and some risk. First, running a cron to check an e-mail account, read the last message and see whose post it is, according to the e-mail address, then adding this post to the database. While such things can be easily feasible, they are a bit insecure, since anyone can forge the From: header field and post in your name. Or there can be an obligatory login:pass first line in the e-mail body, which would do it, but would still be insecure, since your login & pass can be caught by e-mail sniffers or whatever these tools are called. OK, such risks are minimal, but still are potential risks. But the idea is still cool, and I'll develop it, only thing is the default setting for this functionnality would be "Off", so you can decide to use it, knowing the risks involved.
26.06.01 @ 12:47:47 866


there's no need to put a pass. you can, instead, have a customary subject line. or at least that's what i did with radio userland.
26.06.01 @ 14:12:45 925


besides, there's no need of a cronjob: you have to configure your mail server to parse all the mail sent to - let's say - obscureandsecureaddress@yourdomain.com and you're done.
26.06.01 @ 20:52:15 202


michel v
That's just what I can't do on this host... I just can't configure my mail server this particular way. Also this would imply asking all users to apply this modification on their mail servers, something that's not really thinkable. : ) 
27.06.01 @ 08:25:45 684


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