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NewsGator Technologies, makers of a great news aggregator for Outlook, released a posting plug-in for b2, allowing NewsGator users to post directly to b2 from Outlook. Titles and categories are supported.
If you are a NewsGator+b2 user, you can download the plugin on their website (it should also work with WordPress, b2evolution, b2++, or any b2-based blogware). : ) 

Note: This is a late post on my part, I'm sorry about it: the email about it had gotten shot as a false-positive by the spam filter -- proof that you should always check for false-positives in your email client!
michel v @ 00:34:21 398
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Rich - email - url
Well I was browsing for a blogger, I think yours just might be what I am looking for.

That NewsGator plugin sounds interesting too. Guess where I am going now ... cya. : ) 
05.11.03 @ 21:55:44 288


PJ - email
I was wondering if you folks had a button of some kind to put on my site rather than a direct link, I think it would flow better with my site scheme if you did. Haven't installed it yet, but I plan on using your blogger when I re-introduce my website. Thanks, PJ
06.11.03 @ 18:55:23 163


Neil Groom - email - url
Absolutely fantastic - I am about to open a new website & my host includes b2 weblog & installs it for free! Now that's what I call a webhost
10.11.03 @ 20:33:19 231


Lauren - email - url
how do I get b2?
13.11.03 @ 00:21:40 390


Peach - email - url
Is b2 like Greymatter?
14.11.03 @ 22:59:55 333


Jariya - email - url
Would someone be able to install b2 for me?
15.11.03 @ 18:37:47 151


18.11.03 @ 15:53:11 036


Lisa - email
testing... and maybe installing later... : - ) 
20.11.03 @ 06:16:23 636


reinhard - email - url
yes b2 is like greymatter - but better to handle. The problem is: If you have one of them you cannot change the system without loosing old data
25.11.03 @ 23:49:48 367


Tom - email - url
I just installed b2 and it works but one question: Do you have different themes or do I have to make it self? Thanks
28.11.03 @ 22:13:04 300


Steve - email - url
Just wanted to congratulate you. I just installed b2 and it is the best blog I have seen so far... just awesome.
05.12.03 @ 23:42:32 362


Neil Groom - email - url
Just great. I thought about installing b2 for a while now but never got round to it. I have just tested it our my new site and I am impressed. My webhost installed it for me for free.. Its not available to view yet but I am getting there.. Great
07.12.03 @ 14:03:33 960


Just wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!
14.12.03 @ 00:17:00 386


Neil Groom - email
Fantastic - I am in the proccess of redesigning my new website and the B2 weblog is being installed right now by my webhost - up to the minute news on online shopping - great job!
29.01.04 @ 22:31:13 313


Neil Groom - email
Fantastic - I am in the proccess of redesigning my new website and the B2 weblog is being installed right now by my webhost - up to the minute news on online shopping - great job!
10.02.04 @ 13:30:41 937


Novasoft - email - url
B2 really looks awesome dude.
Can i use themes in it as well?
12.02.04 @ 16:27:36 060


Novasoft - email - url
my new webhost is going to install B2 for free

Yippie! : ) 
14.02.04 @ 07:37:29 692


Neil Groom - email
I'm about to open my first weblog based on O2. It's about dog training and my host installed it for me free. Great going!
21.02.04 @ 00:13:33 384


Novasoft - email - url
End of the month and my host hasnt still installed it : ( 

28.02.04 @ 21:19:04 263


Novasoft - email - url
I think i oughta pull him up for the delay ; ) 

writing him a mail now...
28.02.04 @ 21:20:40 264


venkat - email
this thread seems to be very helpful..
could any one suggest a cheap host which includes b2 weblog & installs it for free!
18.04.04 @ 05:22:14 557


venkat - email
BTW, I just wanted to ask you guys, which host you are using..

I''ve been using Dayanahost for quite sometime, But i want more space and bandwidth for a lesser price..

any suggestions?

Venkata Ramana
18.04.04 @ 05:24:17 558


tibu - url
I wrote a little patch to fight spam with b2. It puts a delete link into the notifing mail about the comment, so you can erase it as soon as you get it.
18.05.04 @ 17:48:33 075


Software download - email - url
I''ve been using Dayanahost for quite sometime, But i want more space and bandwidth for a lesser price..
Pop music, classical music
Buy dvd online,dvd movie
08.08.04 @ 03:51:22 494


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What is b2 ?
A classy news/weblog tool (aka logware).

How does it work ?
You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog.
What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

Requirements ?
A server that can run PHP4, and a MySQL database (you can install b2 in an already existing database, and you can put several b2's in one database).

Where can I download it ?
b2 0.6 is the latest public release.
You can also visit the CVS server for the latest code, at your own risks.
See the ReadMe file for requirements and installation instructions.

Contact info ?
E-mail: m@tidakada.com
Forums: over there. :)

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