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As you may know, spammers have started to invade blog comments, and this site has seen its share of it.
While many developers are working on ways to prevent comment spam (I know there's some serious work going on on the WordPress side, and other blog tools seem to get solutions aswell), and until I can apply one of these automated ways on cafelog.com, I will have to silently check the comments and delete the spam, as I have done these past two months.

So here's the policy:
  • If your comment definitely is spam, it is deleted.
  • If it looks or feels like spam, it is deleted.
    I don't care if your URL just happens to be cheap-ass-stuff.com or wowlookatgirlz.nu: if your comment is on topic but your URL leads to a site with a crappy URL and the site aims to sell something dodgy, tough luck. You should have commented without an URL, that's all: cafelog.com is not an advertising billboard.
  • If your comment is on a very old post, I may just delete it on sight. If it was a genuine on topic comment, blame yourself for commenting a post that no one is going to visit anymore, instead of bringing the issue on the support forums.
  • If your comment is a flame/insult, it is deleted.

This is not censorship, it's just keeping the spam out. So if you commented, and you don't see your comment anymore, you know what happened.

Fortunately, if you read and understood this post you are not likely to be affected by this policy. ; ) 
michel v @ 23:44:17 364
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Kelly - email - url
GOD, I hate spam. I simply cannot tolerate its existence. *shudders*
27.11.03 @ 22:47:08 324


Jess - email - url
yeah KILL THE SPAMMERS : )  I just got b2 to work recently...I'm very happy with it hehe. Wohoo!!! I'll submit that b2 update thingy later : D 
28.11.03 @ 11:42:59 863


crystal - email - url
i have a question.. how can i set up b2 on a different site from where i want the entries to show up? i know that in the config files it said it was made to be used on the same site, but is there a way around that?
29.11.03 @ 21:28:55 270


GaMerZ - email - url
I hate those spammers, once in a while have to check my comments just to delete away those spam comments.
30.11.03 @ 12:20:47 889


Lunar-GFX - email - url
Wow, I really like b2, and I have made a new layout for it, but I still have to fix it......http://fused-pixel.ionichost.com/b2/
30.11.03 @ 17:03:41 085


linda m jose - url
my bluelog sux
30.11.03 @ 18:35:44 149


Chipo - url
My friend has made a little tool in the comments that makes it necessary for the poster to manually check a box if s/he wants to leave a comment. So far that got me rid of all casino's etc! You can see it at work on my log (which is in dutch, I am sorry) if you click on "zeg het maar"
01.12.03 @ 21:37:24 275


aral - email - url
I've modified b2 so that users have to email and ask permission to be upped to Level 1 for commenting (Level 0 users cannot). I've had zero blog spam.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll release the code for it.
02.12.03 @ 08:52:12 744


Mel - email - url
yeah, spammers S-U-C-K. with a capital S. I know how it feels... *SIGH* well i hope to get b2 working soon on MY, ALL MINE, MY site! lol. *THIS* is a pathetic way to get attention around here. lol..
03.12.03 @ 04:43:18 571


hardy - email - url
is it pssible that you implement the code from "aral"?
03.12.03 @ 15:14:25 010


michel v - email - url
Aral, the idea is interesting, but to me it raises the barrier to commenting a little too high, so it's not something that I would implement here, and much less in the default b2 code.
However, I am sure many other b2 users would be interested in it, so it would be a good idea to submit the mod in the b2 hacks forum. : ) 

Chipo: that's an interesting approach. I shall think about it, in the future. Since most spam is automated, it would only be a matter of dynamically modify the comment form. Food for thought, heh... : ) 

crystal: at the moment, there is only one way. If the second server can access the first server's database, it could run. It could be slow though.
03.12.03 @ 15:47:32 033


Junkeater - email - url
www.junkeater.com has been offering a free spam protection service for a while and the feedback is encouraging. Certainly no rocket science solution, but enough to prevent most automatically submitted spam.
06.12.03 @ 14:14:02 968


Wow, spamming on how to fight spam !
06.12.03 @ 15:56:57 039


Neil Groom - email - url
Thats true hotshot - how many of the above posts are real comments or spam. I believe you can never get rid of spam. email, blogs, forums whatever the technology. It will always be there. where there is a will, there is a way. Is this comment spam or not. You decide.. Is every comment with an URL spam or not. You decide.. Post your comments but no *spam*... I have put off releasing my b2 blog for a while just because of the spam issue!!
08.12.03 @ 23:37:32 359


Opalescent - email - url
Oh, but aren't most comments ultimately spam? Since my site is very new, I haven't had any spammers yet, but I've seen the problem in my favorite forums. Stopping automated spam is Very Good, but too bad it'd be rediculously hard if not impossible to make a program that would examine each comment, and if it looks like it might be spam (by keywords maybe), set it aside for approval by the blog owner before being allowed to be posted. (hint, hint.)
09.12.03 @ 00:10:39 382


09.12.03 @ 01:02:23 418


michel v - email - url
Note to MrBlog in the TrackBacks: if you want to test your trackback class, do so elsewhere, thanks. No need to trackback this post 60 times.
If I get one more test trackback from your IP, I'm talking to your ISP about this abuse.
10.12.03 @ 17:24:29 100


Bernd - email
My god. These spam attacks on my website is really not normal. I hate them. Í worke half of the day only to remove those spammers - edited by michel v: This has got to be the funniest spam comment I ever got. A complaint about spam, that IS spam itself. Congrats, mister fucktard!
12.12.03 @ 16:23:58 058


april - email - url
i just started using b2 and OMG i love it! its so much better then greymatter!!!
17.12.03 @ 16:50:07 076


Dirk - email - url
How many spam posts do you get per day? I'm curious. I'm playing with enabling comments on my pages.
10.01.04 @ 19:10:15 173


Jobe - email
It seems everyone is assuming that it's automatically being dumped in by a machine.
The machine is probably just some guy paid to sit at a computer terminal and search out the web for dumping this spam crap on all of us. They're probably paid US prisoners! Well, just kidding with that bit, but you know, your interface problem consists of screening these guys out by asking them 4 questions about given blog before letting them in. You could rotate the questions even. It's that easy. There's no way they'd take the time to read and answer the questions. Well, just an idea.
15.01.04 @ 23:32:27 355


michel v - email - url
There's no way anyone would answer four questions to be able to comment. Legitimate commenters shouldn't see their experience crippled in the name of anti-spam measures, IMHO... : ) 
16.01.04 @ 00:05:48 379


Davezilla - url
I've been getting spam comments 3 or 4 times a day, usually on older posts. The problem is, the spammers are sending directly to the b2edit.php, bypassing the comments page completely. I know this because on one of my sites, comments were disabled and the spams kept coming in.

An option I have heard of, but haven't personally tried, is to rename the b2edit.php page and and change all links to it within the code (use a global find and replace). That allegedly stops the spammers from finding their way in. We'll see...
17.01.04 @ 16:23:24 057


Thomas - url
There are so many things you can do to avoid spamming. Just don't make it too easy to let them post their crap on your site. I'm getting tired of kicking their spam out of my own blog.
02.03.04 @ 22:53:38 328


Priya Shah
Newbie blogger. Just downoaded b2 and am getting my programmer to install it. But am completely clueless on preventing spam, using it etc. Do the forums have any information on this? Can someone direct me to some links, please? Michel's note: first step is not to spam in here, smartass.
27.03.04 @ 18:27:48 144


Will Thompson - email - url
Actually, I'd say that this is censorship, but that censorship is not necessarily a bad thing. (In the same way, the word 'discrimination' does not necessarily describe _unfair_ discrimination...)
14.05.04 @ 16:44:34 030


Computer software review, game review - email - url
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08.08.04 @ 03:46:22 490


I think you are confusing "spam" with "terrorism."

But I doubt any of you will get that.

Maybe you will figure out how to do email verification though.
19.08.04 @ 00:02:39 335


Dylan - email - url
Why not just see how long it takes to write a reply? Compare the time that the comment page is requested to the time that the comment is submitted. Since the spam is automated, the time between requesting the page and submitting the comment is very small (in fact, some of my webserver entries show zero time between the two). Surely persistant spammers will implement a wait() into their posts, but at least it can filter a few. Also, why not log the IPs of the dumbasses who try to spam c=1&p=1 and ban them from posts? Just a suggestion...
15.09.04 @ 16:12:43 008


SeSam - email - url
Spambots ruin my blog lately. Is there a way to switch commenting off in b2? I hate manually delete 30-40 comments daily from the SQL database...
24.09.04 @ 04:06:09 504


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