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The idea that is forming in my head is a very interesting one. Very interesting indeed.

Since comments on b2 weblogs have the same type of cookies storing name, e-mail and website, why not use just one for every b2 blog there is? Surely you do not give a different name, e-mail or website address for every comment that you give : P 

Interesting prospect. But whether it can be done is still beyond me. I don't do cookies, and don't dream cookies either, but surely it can.

Does this remind us all of .NET? Not really .NET but it could potentially save the end user from a whole lot of typing, could it not.
ian @ 15:21:14 014
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Mark Howells - email - url
It's a fine idea, but cookies can only be read by the domain that issues them. The server at www.mark.ac cannot read cookies dropped by www.cafelog.com.

And has anyone considered that by allowing .NET access to all of the cookies on your machine, it allows the boys at Microsoft to see exactly what your browsing habits are, and then tailor advertising to match?
09.11.01 @ 16:06:56 046


Ricardo - email - url
Interesting but impracticable by the reason Mark pointed out and because I might be Ricardo - rbl@lomoblog.com - http://lomoblog.com here but be foo7 - foo7@foo.com - http://foo7.foo.com.
Anyway, my sugestion is that you concentrate your efforts on something similar, a cafelog universal user ID. That would be nice!
09.11.01 @ 17:23:03 099


michel v - email - url
That would require an 'universal' CaféLog server, that would never be down. Someone pay me ? : ) 
09.11.01 @ 19:27:48 185


Ricardo - email - url
I don't know if this is easily possible but I thought that the cookies might be a way of doing a "who's online box". Probably it won't show to everyone else except me my cookie Cafeloguser value, but if it can be read, it can be written in a file and that can be displayed to everyone, no?
10.11.01 @ 03:34:19 523


ian - email - url
i know it can't be done, but i've heard of a great hack somewhere that makes it work on ie6. someone from adc told me.
10.11.01 @ 12:45:29 906


michel v - email - url
I'm just scared of 'hacks' that make things work on IE, especially on the version 6. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm trying to stick to the standards as much as possible (yet I put <br> in b2.php by default, doh).
If IE6 enables the a script to read cookies from another domain, it is not a hack: it is a HUGE security breach. You don't want DoubleClick and Amazon to read your other cookies...

Ricardo, the who's online feature wasn't planned, but that's an idea.
10.11.01 @ 14:45:34 989


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